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( Volf and Skyeroid sit in different clear cubes, in their ball forms )

Sonic Skyeroid) Volf, what are you doing?

( Volf is unable to hear Skyeroid )

( Volf charges energy )

??? 1) Volf, it's useless.

( A portal slowly opens )

( The energy from the portal disburses )

( Volf becomes a ping-pong ball in the clear cube )

??? 1) Like I said, useless.

( Skyeroid watches Volf )

??? 1) I thought I taught you well.

( Volf lays on the ground, in ball form still )

??? 1) But I guess not.

??? 2) Wolfie, they can't hear you. Come on, let's discuss a plan, with Marcus.

Demenatic Wolfie) Err, okay.

By Wolfgang, Jenna, and Jean...

Jean) Just think, in a week, you'll get to see your wife again.

( Wolfgang doesn't reply )

Jean) What are you going to do, when you see her again?

( Wolfgang doesn't answer again )

Jean) Wolfgang, you can answer me...

( Wolfgang, once again, doesn't answer )

Jean) Wolfgang, they're fine. You don't need to worry.

Wolfgang) Excuse me...*Gets up and leaves with his head down*

Jean)'re excused...

( Wolfgang walks up the steps with Jenna, still in his arms )

( Jean twirls her a bit of her hair )

( Jean's phone rings )

Jean) *Looks at the caller ID* Of course...

In the basement...

( C22Helios lays on the ground )

( The walls are all scratched up )

( Some blood is around C22Helios )

( C22Helios moans, in pain )

( Some electricity sparks )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 58

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