Wolfgang has left Wolf's room, got Jenna, and went to bed with her. C22 has arrived with Nintendo's butterscotch cake...

Nintendo) Thank you, C22!

C22) *Gives Nintendo the cake* No problem.

Nintendo) *Opens the box* ...

C22) What?

Nintendo) Where's my cake! >:O

C22) Oh, it was good.

Nintendo) REALLY!

C22) I left you a piece

Nintendo) *Looking in the box* You mean crumbs

C22) *Pulls the top to him, so he can see the cake* Oh...I left your cake in the C-MV22...I gave you my cake. It was delicious.

Nintendo) Phew...

C22) It's pouring outside, so I didn't bring your cake in. Let's hope you can "C" the C-MV22.

Nintendo) I think I'll leave it in there.

C22) *Puts hand in pocket and feels nothing* O_O I just remembered! *Runs to the door*

( DF opens the door )

( C22 runs outside )

( DF closes the door )

DF) And he's going, going - HE'S OUT OF THE PARK!


( C22 runs to the C-MV22 )

( The butterscotch cake box is opened )

( C22 tries to open the door, but the door is locked )

C22) ...WHAT THE <BEEP>!

( A bakugan comes out of the cake )

C22) ...*Checks Extremis' pocket* ...

( The bakugan dives back into the cake )

( C22 doesn't feel Extremis at all )

( C22 checks Lady Heat's pocket and feels her )

( Lady Heat comes out of C22's pocket )


( The bakugans looks at C22 and goes back to eating the cake, somehow )

C22) >:O


( Wolfgang lays down, holding Jenna above him, in the air )

Wolfgang) Hi

Jenna) Hi

Wolfgang) A

Jenna) A

Wolfgang) B

Jenna) B

Wolfgang) C

Jenna) C

Wolfgang) ABC

Jenna) ABC

Wolfgang) Good job.

Jenna) Job.

Wolfgang) You're too young for a job.

Jenna) Too young.

Wolfgang) Yeah.

Jenna) Yeah.

Wolfgang) Does Daddy love you?

Jenna) Yes

Wolfgang) Does Jenna love Dada?

Jenna) Yes

Wolfgang) Yes

Jenna) Yes

Wolfgang) Yes

Jenna) Yes

Wolfgang) Time to sleep...*Takes the locket off her*

Jenna) MAMA!

Wolfgang) It's okay, we do this every night...You'll get it back tomorrow morning.

Jenna) Morning.

Wolfgang) Yes.

Wolfgang) *Puts Jenna on his chest* Dada loves you, my lucky daughter.

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