Wolfgang has walked into Jean's room with her...

( Wolfgang walks to Jean's bed )

Wolfgang) *In head* Samantha...

( Wolfgang reaches Jean's bed )

Wolfgang) *In head* We'll be home soon...

( Wolfgang puts Jean on her bed )

Wolfgang) *In head* Can't wait to hold you again...

( Wolfgang tucks Jean in )

Wolfgang) *In head* To see our next child be born...

( Wolfgang starts to leave )

Jean) *Awake* Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) Yes?

Jean) Shouldn't I call that mad scientist and lawyer?

Wolfgang) Nah, go to sleep. You can call tomorrow.

Jean) Okay.


( Volf is on the ground with Skyeroid's tail squeezing her midsection )

( Skyeroid flies upwards, attempting to lift Volf off the ground for her slam )

( Volf stays on the ground )

( Skyeroid continues flying upwards )

( Volf stays on the ground, while Skyeroid cannot flying any further )

( Skyeroid still continues to fly upwards, even if she's not moving any further )

( Volf lifts off the ground, but not in the way Skyeroid thinks )

Skyeroid) FINALLY!

'Crysemtion Volf) *Acting excited, while charging towrads Skyeroid* 'YOU DID IT!

Skyeroid) *Excited* I'M SO HAPPY!

( Volf crashes into Skyeroid )

( Skyeroid falls down, knocked out, with her tail still wrapped around Volf. Skyeroid is hanging upside down on Volf )

Crysemtion Volf) ...

( Skyeroid proves she was playing opossum and uses all her might to slam Volf onto the ground )

( Volf smashes into the ground, back first )

( Skyeroid's tail unwraps from Volf and wraps around a tree's top. Happenly, the tree is behind Skyeroid )

Crysemtion Volf) *Looking at Skyeroid* You got me there. *Takes off towards Skyeroid, from laying down*

( Skyeroid dodges to the right at the last minute )

( Volf crashes into a tree )

( The tree snaps )

( Skyeroid flies straight to where Volf was )

( The tree falls towards Skyeroid's direction )

( Skyeroid releases her tail from the tree )

( Volf charges towards Skyeroid and makes impact in seconds )

( Skyeroid shoots into another tree, leaving an indent )

( The tree Volf crashed into crashes onto the ground, missing Volf )

( Volf turns to diamond and charges towards Skyeroid )

( Skyeroid remains stuck in the tree )

( Volf jumps and slams into Skyeroid's gut )

( Volf and Skyeroid exit the tree with a hole left; Volf drills with her nine attribute color aura )

( Volf avoids other trees )

( Winds pick up )

( A green explosion sets off )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 54

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 53 was...?

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