About five minutes later...

( Volf slowly lowers to the ground for a landing )

Wolfgang) Almost there...

Jean) Hey Wolfgang, hasn't it been kind-of quiet for the last five minutes?

Wolfgang) Not really.

Jean) Skyeroid...

Wolfgang) Oh yeah, she's been quiet

Jean) Yeah...

Wolfgang) What?

Jean) I think we lost her...

Wolfgang) O_O WHAT?! *Looks behind him* I wish we knew about that earlier...

Jean) Yeah.

Wolfgang) Volf, should we turn around?

Crysemtion Volf) H*** no!

Wolfgang) Okay then

Crysemtion Volf) It only took us five more minutes, she probably saw the way we taken...So she'll be here soon.

Jenna) Soon

Wolfgang) Yes

Jenna) See Mama soon?

Wolfgang) Yep

Jean) ...Wolfgang

Wolfgang) Yes?

( Jean shows Wolfgang his locket that is considered Jenna's now )

Wolfgang) ...Thanks...*Takes it from Jean*

Jean) You're welcome

Jenna) *Happy* Locket!

( Wolfgang puts the locket on Jenna )

( Jenna quickly pays complete attention to the locket )

Wolfgang) Jenna, what do you say?

( Jenna doesn't answer )

Wolfgang) Jenna.

Jenna) *Finger on Wolfgang, in the locket's picture* Dada.

'Wolfgang) 'Yeah...*Looks at Jean* I tried.

Jean) It's fine, bu-

Jenna) *Finger on Samantha* Mama.

Wolfgang) Yes, your beautiful mother.

Jean) Wo-

Jenna) *Puts finger on baby Alexandria* Sissy.

Wolfgang) Yes

( Jenna puts her finger on herself )

Wolfgang) Who's that?

Jenna) That?

Wolfgang) That's Jenna.

Jenna) Jenna?

Wolfgang) Who's Jenna?

( Jenna points to herself )

Wolfgang) Yeah

Jean) ...

( Volf lands )


Skyeroid) *Exhausted* So...Tired...Wh...ere...Are...They?

( Skyeroid lowers as she keeps moving, the minivan's weight getting to her )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 51

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 50 was...?

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