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The next day, Jean is writing a note with Jenna and Popcorn near her (Popcorn is in a cage), while Wolfgang and Wolf are about to fight...

( Wolfgang and Wolf have a stare down )

Wolf) Hmph! *Runs towards Wolfgang with his arm out*

( Wolfgang blocks, holding Wolf's arm )

( Wolfgang kicks Wolf's gut, then smashes his knee against Wolf's face )

( Wolf pops out, covering his bleeding face )

( Wolfgang does a roundhouse kick )

( Wolf ducks and punches Wolfgang in an inappropriate place )

( Wolfgang falls to the ground )

( Wolf jumps and lands in a sitting position, on Wolfgang )

( Wolf smashes Wolfgang's head into the ground and repeatedly punches him )

( Wolfgang's forehead starts to bleed )

( Wolfgang grabs Wolf's right hand, then his left )

( Wolfgang holds Wolf's hands away from his body, as his legs slip under his arms )

( Wolfgang slams Wolf onto the ground with his legs on top of Wolf's arms )


Jenna) I want Dada!

Jean) *Walking with Jenna in her one arm and carriesPopcorn, in her cage* Don't worry, we'll see him again...


Jean) Easy...Dada will see you soon

Popcorn) MEOW!

Jenna) DADA!

Jean) We're just going out for a little bit...*Still walking towards the front door*

Back by battle...

( Wolfgang has Wolf in a choke hold )

Wolf) STOP!

( Wolfgang punches Wolf a few times )

( The blood from Wolf's head comes out in more volume )


( Wolfgang punches Wolf some more )

Wolf) Dad...Please...

Wolfgang) Dad...? *Loosens grip*

( Wolfgang stands up and helps Wolf up )

Wolf) *Tone seems different* NOT!

( Wolf low blows Wolfgang quickly )

( Wolfgang falls down )

( Wolf runs and punt kicks Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang rolls with his back against the ground again )

( Wolf runs and drops both his knees into Wolfgang's stomach )

( Wolf rolls off Wolfgang and stands up )

( Wolf does a backflip )

( Wolfgang rolls out of the way )

( Wolf lands on his feet, while Wolfgang gets back on his, holding his stomach )

( Wolf turns around )

( Wolfgang roundhouse kicks Wolf right when Wolf faces him )

( Wolf wobbles with his back now facing Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) *Puts Wolf in a full nelson* Now you have some explaining...

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 42

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 41 was...?

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Wolf's claim of Wolfgang being his father: True or False (think about everything that's happened between Wolf and Wolfgang too)?

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