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In the living room, that all hallways intercept...

Jenna) *Holding Wolfgang's locket, opened* My mama!

Jean) I see

Jenna) My dada!

Jean) *Looking at Wolfgang* Hey Dada!

Wolfgang) Um...Okay?

Jenna) *Looks at Wolfgang* DADA!

Wolfgang) Jenna!

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) *Looks at Jean* Looks like you did a good job

Jean) Thanks, we had a nice talk about her Mama and Dada, by the way

Wolfgang) Jenna...

Jenna) DADA!


Wolf) I will help him...I will...It's what I have to do *Walking down a hallway*

By the battlefield exit and entrance...

DF) O_O *Whispers* He's going to cheat again!

Nintendo) *Whispers* He's not cheating...

( Everyone watches Jean and Wolfgang )

By Jean and Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) *Holding Jean's cheeks* Every single time...My answer is no, I don't want to kiss you, I have a wife...A wife I love and I don't want to cheat on her

Jean) Come on...She isn't going to know! *In head* Why isn't the pill working!

Wolfgang) My answer is no

Jenna) DADA!

( Wolfgang looks at Jenna )

( Jean pushes through Wolfgang's hands )

( Wolfgang turns to his head to the right )

( Jean kisses Wolfgang's cheek )

( Wolf is now watching, his eyes big and he looks upset )

( Jean sees Wolf and slaps Wolfgang )

( Wolf starts running towards them )

Wolfgang) Can you please stop...You have Wolf, I have a family...I cannot do this to my wife, my children, to anyone! Jenna espec-

( Wolf's elbow hits the back of Wolfgang's head )

( Wolfgang falls, after being knocked out )

( Jean covers her face )

( Wolf pulls Wolfgang to a standing base and throws him into a table )

( Wolfgang slides in-between the top and bottom of the table )

( DF and Nintendo check on Wolfgang )

( C22 attacks Wolf from behind and repeatedly punches him )

( Blue and Ice [Humagons] attack DF and Nintendo )

( Kyuuga pushes C22 off Wolf and smashes his skull against the floor a few times )

Val) ...

Icefern) ...

VK) For once I don't feel the need to fight...

Kyle) Hmm...*Attacks Val from behind*

( VK and Icefern look at Kyle punching Val )

Icefern) .-.

VK) >=D

Ice) NO!

( APW attacks Icefern from behind )

( VK kicks Icefern )


( The locket Jenna had is on the ground )

( Wolf slowly stands up, while everyone's still fighting )


Jean) ...stop...

( Everyone still fights )


( Everyone continues fighting )

Jean) *Pushes Blue off Nintendo* STOP!

( Wolf walks to Jenna )


Blue) ...*Climbs back on Nintendo and punches him again*

Jean) *Slaps and pushes Blue off Nintendo* STOP!

Wolf) *Picks Jenna's locket up* You want this *Holds it towards Jenna*

( Jenna reaches for the locket )

( Jean checks on Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang is competely out of it )

Wolf) THEN GO GET IT! *Throws the locket*

( The locket flies and crashes onto the ground )


Jean) ...*Stands up*

( Wolf puts Jenna onto the ground and holds her hand )

Jean) ...*Looks at Wolf and slowly follows him*

( Wolf and Jenna walk )

Wolf) Good job

Jenna) *Looks at Wolf and continues walking* Dada

Wolf) Is done for...

Jean) ...

Wolf) You did a good job...*Touches Jenna's head*

Jenna) DADA!

( Wolf slams Jenna head onto the ground )

( A tear rolls down Wolf's face )

Jean) WOLF! *Runs and pulls the a healer out of her pocket*

( Jean slides towards Jenna and puts the healer on her )

( Jenna is getting healed, while Jean stares directly at Wolf )

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