Roxanoid has approached Volf...

( Roxanoid extends his hand to Volf )

Crysemtion Volf) ...

Flareburst Roxanoid) Use your paw

( Crysemtion Volf bites Roxanoid's hand and arm )

Flareburst Roxanoid) WHAT?! *Roundhouse kicks Volf with flames bursting*

( Volf holds on still )

( Roxanoid does a corkscrew spin causing both Volf and himself to be on the ground )

( Volf still has Roxanoid's hand and arm )

( Roxanoid kick ups and lands both his feet on Volf's gut )

( Volf doesn't let go still )

( Roxanoid jumps )

( Volf follows upwards and charges into Roxanoid's gut )

( Volf makes Roxanoid slam into the ceiling of the barrier )

( Roxanoid fakes his knock out )

( Volf lets Roxanoid go and backs up )

( Roxanoid falls )

( Volf twirls with a green aura towards Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid gains a red aura and shoots towards the ground with his foot )


( A mini-explosion appears around Roxanoid )

( A huge indent is left in the ground, shards of the ground are in the air and turn to ruby )

( The ruby shards attack Volf, but Volf's offense protects herself from any damage )

( Ruby flares of magma shoot towards Volf, from the ground )

( The ruby flares fuse with Volf's move )

( A huge explosion happens )

( Roxanoid is slashed twenty-five times in three seconds )

( Volf stands above Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid lifts Volf with his legs and uses his leg strength to throw Volf )

( Volf crashes into a pillar )

( The pillar falls, while Volf lays on the ground )


( The pillar crashes onto the ground and the pillars blow up )

( Volf flies towards Roxanoid )


( A red explosion happens around Volf )

( Volf falls towards the ground )


( Another red explosion happens around Volf )


( The third explosion misses Volf )

( 10 portals surround Roxanoid )

Flareburst Roxanoid) *Looks around* Oh boy...*Jumps*

( Roxanoid enters the portal above him )

( Nine beams of Volf's different attributes come out of nine different portals, while the portal that Roxanoid enters releases a beam of all Volf's attributes )

( Roxanoid is inside the 10 beams impacts and turns to his ball form )

( the portals close, the barrier walls lower, and Volf turns to her ball form )

( Wolfgang is now missing from the scene )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 39

Humagons-Time Collide: Episode 38 was...?

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