The pillars are still up, Val has entered the battlefield, Preptoroid is out of his ball form, and Volf is still out of it, on the ground...

Val) Ability Activate! Predator's Kill! ( Preptoroid releases a beam )

( Preptoroid releases a beam towards Volf )

( Volf makes zero movement )


( Smoke erupts )

( The pillars remain )

( An Opal Volf charges through the smoke towards Preptoroid )

( Preptoroid tries to move, but is unable to )

Preptoroid) *In head* Val, you idiot! *Reality* Val, expect a lawsuit!

Val) ...

( Preptoroid is unable to move from being between the pillars, however, Volf isn't between the pillars )

( Opal Volf's legs and wings touch Opal Volf's body completely )

( Opal Volf enters passes a pillar and loses his ability to move )

( Opal Volf, however, rockets towards Preptoroid )


( Opal Volf crashes into Preptoroid's head )

( Preptoroid blacks out for a few seconds, unable to hear or see anything, even though his eyes are open )

Preptoroid) *Able to see and hear again* ...

( Volf is standing, probably shaking, with three diamond panel in-front of her; she's out of Preptoroid's direction if he tries to attack )

( A Black Oynx Volf crashes into Preptoroid's back )

Preptoroid) AH! THIS IS UNFAIR!

( A Ruby Volf crashes into Preptoroid's back )

Preptoroid) AH! SO UNFAIR!

( A Peridot Volf crashes into Preptoroid's back )

Preptoroid) AH! ENOUGH!

( A Bronzite Volf crashes into Preptoroid's back )

Preptoroid) ...

Val) All done

Preptoroid) Go-

( An Emerald Volf crashes into Preptoroid's back )


Wolfgang) Anyways...Ultimate Ability Activate! Intensity Shine! ( Crysemtion Volf creates a beam that shines off a diamond shield or diamond panel into a new beam )

( Volf's "W" crest shines )

( A beam comes out of Volf's "W" crest )

( The beam goes through the first panel )

( The beam intensifies )

( The beam goes through the second panel )

( The beam intensifies even more )

( The beam goes through the final panel )

( The intensity of the beam rises )

( The beam travels towards a defenseless Preptoroid )


( The beam crashes into Preptoroid )

( Preptoroid returns to Val's hand, in ball form )

( Nintendo stands up )

( Wolf is noticably gone )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 36

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 35 was...?

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