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Wolfgang and C22 are ready to brawl...

C22) Ability Activate! Laser Precision (Haos)! ( Extremis changes to Haos and conjure a bow made of light )

( Extremis changes to Haos, conjures a bow of light, and releases an arrow towards Volf )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Ruby Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse of hard, ruby flames, that burst into a force of heat at impact )

( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse from her "W" crest )

( The pulse collides with the light arrow and bursts )

( The light arrow falls to the ground, in bright ruby flames )

Extremis Helios) *Looking at the arrow* Pretty...Pre-*Holds bow up and releases many arrows into the air*

( The arrows shoot into the air and fall towards Volf )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crystallization! ( Crysemtion Volf creates a diamond orb around her body, for protection )

( Volf's "W" crest flashes )

( A diamond orb expands and engulfs Volf into it )

( The arrows hit Volf's diamond orb )

( The diamond orb is also electrified )

( The arrows stick into Volf's diamond orb, flashing white )

Extremis Helios) Buff-Tuck!

C22) Ability Activate! Flaring Extreme (Pyrus)! ( Extremis changes to Pyrus, charges a ball of fire above his head and throws it )

( Extremis turns to Pyrus and charges a ball of fire above his head )

<Crysemtion Volf) Wolfgang, plan?>

<Wolfgang) Nope, I have nothing>

<C22) And I can hear you!>

<Crysemtion Volf) Well, we have no plan>

<C22) I know>

( Extremis throws the ball of fire )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Diamond Inverse! ( Crysemtion Volf's diamond shield switches to the opponent with it's outside the inside and inside the outside )

( Volf's diamond orb leaves her and turns to a small orb )

( The ball of fire and the small orb head towards each other )

( The ball of fire and small orb collide, with the ball of fire disappearing )

Extremis Helios) ...*Flies upwards to avoid the small orb*

( A Sapphire Volf appears behind Extremis )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Sapphire Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse of hard, sapphire water, that burst into a force of water at impact )

( The Sapphire Volf releases a Sapphire Pulse at Extremis )

( Extremis gets hit, soaked, and falls towards the small orb )

( The Sapphire Volf that was behind Extremis shatters )

( The small orb hits Extremis, trapping him in the diamond orb, inside his ball of fire, with electricity shocking him )

Extremis) ...Doesn't hurt...

C22) Ability Activate! Blind Extreme (Haos)! ( Extremis releases a blinding flash after changing to Haos )

( Extremis turns to Haos and releases a flash, although he's feeling the pain of his ball of fire and the electricity )

Extremis) I WANT OUT!

C22) OKAY! Ability Activate! Shadow Movement (Darkus)! ( Extremis turns into a shadow after turning to Darkus )

( Extremis turns to Darkus and disappears )

( Extremis appears behind Volf )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Typhoon Collision! ( Crysemtion Volf charges into a opponent with a tornado formed around her )

( Volf flies into the sky )

( An Agate Volf and Moonstone Volf charge into Extremis )

( Agate Volf and Moonstone Volf knock Extremis back, then bite and hold Extremis )

C22) Ability Activate! One Point Breakthrough (Darkus)! ( Extremis changes to darkus and uses his tail to spear the enemy )

( Extremis turns to Darkus )

( Extremis spears Agate Volf with his tail )

( Agate Volf shatters )

( Volf turns towards Extremis )

( Extremis spears Moonstone Volf with his tail )

( Moonstone Volf shatters )

( Volf crashes into Extremis' gut and flies upwards at an intense speed )

Wolfgang) Sacred Ability Activate! Crystalic Pilation! ( Pillars of nine Crystalic attributes, Volf holds, rise from the ground. Neither opponent can move once the pillars are in their respective position )

( Nine pillars rise from the ground )

C22) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ragnarok Buster (Pyrus Darkus)! ( Extremis traps his opponent in his wings then release an intense blast of pyrus energy from his chest core )

( Extremis closes his wings, trapping Volf, and charges his chest core )

( Volf slams Extremis into a wall )

( Volf flies downwards )

( Extremis is slammed onto the ground )

( Volf flies upwards )

( Extremis releases an intense blast that hits Volf's head )

( Extremis opens his wings and throws Volf back )

( Volf crashes into the ground and lays there )

C22) Ulti-...

Extremis Helios) *Posing* OH YEAH, BUFFNESS!

C22) *Coughs* Extremis

( Extremis gets up and backs away from Volf )

Extremis) *Looking at the distance* A little bit mo-*Stops moving* ...

( The pillars are in their respective postion )

C22) Ultimate Ability Activate! Crystal Null (Haos Darkus)! ( Extremis makes a shield of haos energy and charges power and fires a beam of energy that slowly takes away a crystalic bakugan's power; only hurts crystalics )

Wolfgang) *Same time as C22* Ultimate Ability Activate! Crystalic Discharge! ( [Used when Crystalic Pilation is opened] Crysemtion Volf releases nine small beams from his gems. Each beam enters their respective pillar and shoots out with electricity of each Crystalic attribute when a howl is called upon. If a bakugan has a Crystalic Attribute, it's unnaffected. Otherwise, the opponent is beat quickly if no Crystalic Attributes are apart of the opposing bakugan )

( Nine beams shoot from Volf's "W" crest and into their respective pillar )

( Extremis makes a shield of haos energy)

( Volf remains unresponsive )

( Extremis charges his power )

Wolfgang) VOLF!

( Volf doesn't do a thing )

Wolfgang) Why not...

( Extremis releases his beam towards Volf )

( Volf is hit quickly and takes damage, while slowly losing her Crystalic attributes )

Wolfgang) AWOOO!

( Electricity of nine Crystalic attributes come out of the pillars and head towards Extremis )

Wolfgang) *In head* It worked o-o

( Volf loses her Crystalic steel attribute )

( The electricity touches Extremis' shield )

( Volf starts to lose her next attribute )

( The electricity of the nine attributes go through Extremis' shield and hit him )

( Extremis returns to his ball form )

( Volf regains her Crystalic steel attribute )

C22) ...

( Val stands up and goes to the steps )

( Wolf still watches Wolfgang and Volf )

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