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The day before Wolf and Wolfgang face off...

Wolf) Wolfgang, you better watch!

Wolfgang) *On risers* Don't worry, I will!

( Wolf's hand turns to Cyrowolf's paw )

( Blue turns to Blight )

( Blight swings his sword three times, sending slash marks towards Wolf )

( Wolf releases black winds from his palm )

( The slash marks cut through the black winds )

( Wolf releases black winds below him )

( Wolf floats into the air )

( Blight releases a forth slash mark towards Wolf )

Nintendo) *Whispers to Wolfgang* You know we should be facing him...

Wolfgang) *Whispers to Nintendo* I know, but he wanted to face people from his time, while I face people from our time...

( The first slash mark cuts through the winds )

( Wolf lowers a bit )

( The second slash mark cuts through the winds too )

( Wolf lowers a bit more )

( Like the other two slash marks, the third slash mark cut through the winds )

( Wolf lowers again )

( The forth slash mark missed Wolf and crashes into the barrier wall, like the other three )

( Blight throws his sword towards Wolf )

( Wolf stops releasing winds )

( Wolf falls )

( Blight's sword crashes into the wall and falls )

( Wolf crashes into the ground and rolls to his left )

( Blight's sword crashes where Wolf landed )

Wolf) *Looks at Blight's sword* ... *Gets up*

( Blight runs towards his sword )

( Wolf releases black winds towards Blight's legs and feet )

( Blight trips at some point )

( Blight bangs his helmet on his sword and heards a rattling noise )

( Wolf shoots his claws through Blight's helmet's eye holes )

( The claws his Blight's eyes )

( Wolf runs behind Blight )

( Blight gets back up )

( Wolf releases black winds )

( Blight crashes into the wall and falls back on his sword )

( Wolf stands on Blight )

Wolf) *Palm down on Blight* You're too easy! *Releases black winds*

( Wolf hovers into the air as the winds intensify )

( The winds slowly cover Blight's body, but they do cover him at a time )

( Loud sounds come from inside the winds )

( Blight turns to Blue after enduring the winds and sounds for sometime )

Ice) *Gets up* I'm up...

30 minutes later...

( Blue, Ice, Kyuuga, Kyle, and VK lay on the ground with Wolf standing in front of them )

Wolf) *Hand returns to normal* You're up, Wolfgang

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 32

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