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Minutes later...

( C22 and Kyuuga fight to the battlefield )

( Kyuuga grabs C22's hair )

( C22 gut kicks Kyuuga )

( C22 twirls once with Extremis in his hand )

( C22 throws Extremis )

( Extremis crashes into Kyuuga's unpleasant place )

( Kyuuga flies and crashes into the ceiling )

Extremis Helios) *Comes out of ball form* C22, never again...

( Kyuuga turns to Karuma and flies towards Extremis )

C22) I'm sorry, I didn't aim there

Extremis Helios) I'M BUFF!

C22) Ability Activate! Blind Extreme (Haos)! ( Extremis releases a blinding flash after changing to haos )

( Extremis turns to Haos with a blinding flash )

( Karuma flies towards Extremis, but is blinded )

( Extremis moonwalks )

( Karuma crashes onto the ground )

( Extremis poses, showing his buffness )

( Karuma shakes his head, trying to regain focus of his vision and sense )

C22) Ability Activate! Flaring Extreme (Pyrus)! ( Extremis changes to pyrus, charges a ball of fire above his head and throws it )

( Extremis turns to pyrus and charges a ball of fire above his head )

( Karuma fires a blast out of his cannon )

( The blast hits Extremis' legs and causes Extremis to fall )

( Extremis' ball of fire falls on him )

( Extremis and Karuma both try to get to their feet, however, Karuma gets up first and releases a rapid fire on Extremis )

( Extremis gets hit by many blasts from Karuma )

( Karuma continues releasing blasts )

C22) Ability Activate! Shadow Movement (Darkus)! ( Extremis turns into a shadow after turning to darkus )

( Extremis turns to Darkus and turns to a shadow, on the ground )

( Karuma fires blasts onto Extremis' shadow )

( Pieces of the ground burst into the air )

( Karuma stops )

( Brown dust clears up with no trace of Extremis )

Karuma) ...

( Karuma's shoulder is tapped )

( Karuma turns around )

Extremis Helios) Buffilent!

( Karuma's cannon charges )

C22) Ability Activate! One Point Breakthrough (Darkus)! ( Extremis changes to darkus and uses his tail to spear the enemy )

( Extremis' tail enters Karuma's cannon )

Karuma) ...*Swings blade*

( Extremis holds Karuma's arm away )

( Karuma bites Extremis' neck )

( Extremis bites Karuma's face )

C22) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ragnarok Buster (Pyrus Darkus)! ( Extremis traps his opponent in his wings then release an intense blast of pyrus energy from his chest core )

( Extremis closes his wings on Karuma )

( Karuma goes into panic mode )

( Extremis' chest core charges )

( Karuma slams Extremis into a wall )

( Extremis holds on )

( Karmura's right arm gets free )

( Karuma's blade cuts Extremis' left wing )

( Karuma breaks free )

( Extremis stays against the wall )

( Karuma charges towards Extremis )

( Extremis sidesteps )

( Karuma stops behind crashing into the wall )

( Extremis pushes Karuma into the wall )

( Extremis spins and rests his chest core against Karuma's back )

Extremis Helios) When you break a wing, you improvise! *Holds Karuma against a wall*

( Extremis an intense blast of pyrus energy )


( Extremis flies onto the ground and lands near C22 )

( Karuma falls flat on his back and turns to Kyuuga )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 30

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