Minutes later...

( Jean and Wolfgang put Wolf onto his bed )

( Wolf looks kind of dozed out )

Jean) Ugh...His eyes are like that again...

Wolfgang) Again?

Jean) He did this a little while ago, after he was upset about you declining his training request

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) He said he saw his dad, but he said it felt more like a dream than a flashback...I think it was a flashback and knowing that he had his memory erased, it might be coming back...

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) I don't want to leave him, though...But I need to go out...I'm probably going to take a few people with me

Wolfgang) Who?

Jean) I don't know yet, who ever I see

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) And don't forget to get a pill, for your injury...

Wolfgang) Already had one

Jean) Okay...Can you watch Wolf for me?

Wolfgang) Sure can

Jean) Thanks *Kisses Wolfgang*

Wolfgang) *Backs out after a few seconds of being shocked* ...I th-

Jean) Thanks again! *Leaves*

Wolfgang) *In head* Well, she was kind...She didn't do that on purpose...

In Wolf's mind...

Wolf) *Panicking* DADDY!

Wolf's Dad) What's wrong?


Wolf's Dad) Where?!


Wolf's Dad) Okay, go tell Mommy

Wolf) OKAY! *Runs*

In reality...

Wolfgang) *Looking at a picture in Wolf's wallet* ...

Wolf) *Head pops up* WHERE AM I?! WHAT HAPPENED?!

Wolfgang) Calm down...Jean said you were having one of those dreams or flashbacks...So we brought you to your room...

Wolf) *Looking at his wallet* ...

Wolfgang) *Hands Wolf his wallet* Why is there a picture of me in there...?

Wolf) *Face turns red* Well...uh...You see...You're like my role model...And when you died, I didn't want to forget you as my role model...

Wolfgang) ...Okay?

Wolf) That's why I was being a jerk to you before, want to train with you, want more attention from you, and fight you...

Wolfgang) I understand

Wolf) And there's one thing I need you to do...

Wolfgang) What?

Wolf) See the small dwarer to the upper left?

Wolfgang) *Looking around* Not yet *Finds the dwarer Wolf's talking about* Okay

Wolf) I want you to open it, there's a bag...Take that out and comeback to me...

Wolfgang) Okay...*Walks over to the dwarer Wolf's talking about*

Wolf) Yep

Wolfgang) *Opens it and pulls a back filled of squared surfaces, that are teal and wrapped up* This?

Wolf) Yes

Wolfgang) Okay *Walks back to Wolf*

Wolf) *Lays down* Now open it and take one of those squares out...

( Wolfgang opens the bag and takes one of the teal squares out )

( Wolfgang closes the bag and puts it down )

Wolfgang) Okay...

Wolf) Unwrap it and place it on your arm...

Wolfgang) *Unwraps the plastic on the teal square* ... *Places it on arm*

( The teal square sinks into Wolfgang's skin with no mark left )

Wolfgang) ...Anyways, what was that?

Wolf) You see, it's a secret from the readers

You) Aww!

Wolf) ...GET OUT!

You) O_O *Runs*

Wolfgang) Okay...?

Wolf) He is the readers...He isn't going to know what it was, but I'll tell you, but they aren't going to know

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