The next day...

Nintendo) So we've all been here for three months

Wolfgang) Yeah

Nintendo) I didn't know you were here

Wolfgang) Neither did I, but the worst part is I didn't think Jenna was here...

Nintendo) You're welcome

Wolfgang) What?

Nintendo) She fell in my arms when she entered this world; I was her caretaker

Wolfgang) Thank you

Nintendo) What has been happening for you?

Wolfgang) Nothing much

Wolf) *Standing to the side* Wolfgang

Wolfgang) Can't train with you today

Wolf) ...

Wolfgang) Sorry

Wolf) Tomorrow?

Wolfgang) Sure

Wolf) Thanks *Leaves*

Nintendo) ...I never asked, who's he?

Wolfgang) That's-I'm not joking-another Wolf...

Nintendo) You mean your Dad is younger, in the future?!

Wolfgang) Nope...He's dead...Same with me

Nintendo) ...

Wolfgang) Yeah

Nintendo) How?

Wolfgang) I supposedly fight my Dad and we both die, but back to Wolf...

Nintendo) No, you're definitely not fighting your Dad again

Wolfgang) And if I do?

Nintendo) You'll both die

Wolfgang) That event happens in ten years, our time...

Nintendo) Now back to Wolf; Jenna shouldn't have heard all that...

Wolfgang) She's asleep, she didn't hear

Nintendo) Maybe, maybe not...Back to Wolf

Wolfgang) Okay, so Wolf...

Nintendo) Who is he?

Wolfgang) He's a nice kid, seriously...Same with his girlfriend, she's pretty nice too *In head* Although the earlier event wasn't...

Nintendo) His girlfriend?

Wolfgang) Jean, that girl who's been giving me medicine

Nintendo) What did you do to yourself, anyways?

Wolfgang) Lets just say I was getting assaulted with a crowbar...

Nintendo) Okay

Wolfgang) But Wolf...There's something between us...I mean, we argue sometimes, we hate each other sometimes, but we have almost a mutual relationship...There's just something to him, that I cannot trace...

Nintendo) That you two have a - is he one of your long lost brothers!

Wolfgang) No, I had no lost brothers

Nintendo) Could he be your son, in the future?

Wolfgang) Positively no...

Nintendo) Future Jenna's friend?

Wolfgang) Can't be, he said Jenna killed herself, when she learned I died, after Samantha killed herself...

Nintendo) O_o You're definitely not fighting your Dad

Wolfgang) I thought we changed the topic...

Nintendo) But you changed it back

Wolfgang) Anyways...

Nintendo) He could still be one of your childrens' friends...OR! He could be one of your sisters' or brothers' son!

Wolfgang) Stop jumping to conclusions

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