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The next day...

Wolf) So, can we train now?

Wolfgang) Sorry, I can't

Wolf) ...

Wolfgang) Tomorrow, I'll try

Wolf) Why?

Jenna) *Hands on Wolfgang's knees, while holding the locket* Dada

Wolfgang) Yes, Jenna?

Jenna) Hold this

Wolfgang) Okay *Picks Jenna up* But I got you too

Jenna) ...

Wolf) Hello?

Jenna) Dada

Wolfgang) Yes?

Jenna) *Drops locket on Wolfgang's arm* Love me?

Wolfgang) Yes, Daddy loves you a lot

Jenna) Down

Wolfgang) Okay *Arms lower*

( The locket slides off Wolfgang's arm and onto the floor )

( Wolfgang stops moving Jenna down )

Jenna) D=

Wolfgang) I'll get it...

( Wolf picks up the locket, looking at the picture )

Jenna) *Reaches for the locket* I have?

Wolf) Yeah...*Hands the locket to Jenna*

Wolfgang) Now Jenna, what do you say?

Jenna) Thank you

Wolfgang) Good

Wolf) Well, Wolfgang...See you later

Wolfgang) Bye, Jenna...

Jenna) Bye

Wolf) Bye *Leaving*

Meanwhile, hiding, but watching...

Jean) ...

Nintendo) Hey, hey you

Jean) ...

Nintendo) Where's the queso?!

Jean) Wolfgang, time for your medicine...

Wolfgang) *Yells back* OKAY!

( Jean walks away with a small jar of pills )

( Nintendo's jaw drops )

C22) *Patting Nintendo's back* Don't worry, buddy...She's just into Wolfgang, I guess

DF) Oh, you don't know it at all

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