( C22Helios tries to run out of the corner )

( C22Helios crashes where the thrown item crashed )

Jenna) DADA!

( Jean walks down the steps )

Jenna) DADA!

Jean) ...*Still walking down the steps*

Jenna) dada...

( Jean stops and pulls something out of her pocket )

Jean) *Looking at C22Helios* Good, we got him...

Wolfgang) *In pain* What?

Jean) ...

Wolfgang) What do you mean by "got him"? Was I SOME PAWN!

Jean) No...

Wolfgang) Then what's this "got him" suppose to mean?!

Jean) I'll tell you later!

Wolfgang) Now

Jean) You better stay on you're belly or your daughter is going to hurt herself!

Wolfgang) What does that have to do with our topic?!

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) Ugh...Yes?

( Jean bends down and puts the item on Blue )

( The item heals Blue )

Jenna) Who's that?

Wolfgang) I can't see...Is it Mama?

Jenna) Yes

Wolfgang) Okay

Jenna) Where's Mama?

Wolfgang) Home

Jenna) MAMA!

( Blue is fully recovered )

Jean) *Whispers to Blue* Go upstairs

Blue) *Whispers to Jean* Why?

Jean) *Whispers to Blue* And get me some bandage wrap, throw that down, and go outside and heal my boyfriend...*Hands Blue the healer*

Blue) *Whispers to Jean* Okay...*Takes the healer*

Jean) *Whispers to Blue* Thanks

( Blue gets up and walks up the steps )

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