About 15 minutes later, after Wolf was attacked by C22Helios...

Wolfgang) *Holding Jenna* HURRY UP! *Running*


( C22Helios chases Wolfgang )

( C22Helios releases black lightning from his palm )

( Wolfgang moves towards the right, but slightly gets hit by the lightning )

( Jenna gets shocked and starts crying )

( Jean unlocks the door )

Jean) *Pulls key out* READY! *Opens the door*

( C22Helios releases black lightning from his palm again )

( Wolfgang jumps over a stove )

( The black lightning hits Wolfgang's foot )

( Wolfgang lands on the ground, but falls )

( Wolfgang makes sure Jenna doesn't hurt herself, though )

( Jenna continues crying )

( Wolfgang slowly gets up )

( C22Helios grabs Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang back kicks a low blow on C22Helios )

( C22Helios backs away )

( Wolfgang limps to the opened door )

C22Helios) RAWR! *Walks back over to Wolfgang*

Wolfgang) Here we go Jenna...*Runs*

Jean) Give me her!

Wolfgang) Jenna, I got her...*Runs pass Jean and jumps*

( Jean closes the door )

C22Helios) RAWR!

( Wolfgang lands on his knees, at the bottom of the steps )

( Jenna continues crying )

Wolfgang) Jenna, don't cry...*Surprising gets up* I need you to be quiet...*Looking around* I just need to hide you...


( The door is getting hit )

Wolfgang) ...*Finds a hiding place*

( Jenna still cries )

Wolfgang) *Painfully running* Jenna, stop...

( Jenna suddenly stops )

Wolfgang) Good...*Reaches the hiding place* Be quiet for Dada...*Places Jenna onto the floor*

( Wolfgang lifts the covering cloth )

( A few steel chairs are revealed )

Wolfgang) Can't put you in there...

( Black lightning shoots down into the basement )

Wolfgang) ...*Pulls a steel chair out* Quiet Jenna...*Pulls cart to hide Jenna*

( A crowbar falls )

( Jenna picks the crowbar up and starts messing with it )

( Wolfgang sly walks towards the steps )



( C22Helios takes a step )

Wolfgang) ...

( C22Helios takes another step )

( Wolfgang readies the steel chair )

( C22Helios runs down the steps, but stops )

Wolfgang) ...*Looking at C22Helios* Hi!

C22Helios) *Sticks head through railing* RAWR!

Wolfgang) Excuse me...

( C22Helios backs out, but is suddenly stopped )

Blue) HIT HIM!

Wolfgang) ...*Swings the steel chair*


( C22Helios gets hit and becomes lifeless )

Blue) AGAIN!

Wolfgang) NO!

Blue) DO IT!

( Wolfgang drops the steel chair )


Wolfgang) ...*Walks to where Jenna was hidden* Quiet down...*Looks at over the cart* Jenna...

( Jenna looks up with the crowbar in her hands )

( Wolfgang takes the crowbar from Jenna )

( Jenna starts crying again )

C22Helios) RAWR! *Stubbornly moving*

Blue) HIT HIM!

( C22Helios kicks Blue under his chin )

( Blue lets C22Helios go )

Wolfgang) Don't cry...*Takes locket off* Jenna, look...*Opens the locket*

Jenna) *Looking at the locket* MAMA!

Wolfgang) Yeah...*Drops the locket near Jenna*

( C22Helios grows wings )

( The locket hits the ground )

( Jenna picks the locket up )

( C22Helios slips through the railing and glides towards Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) *Looks over* Nice! *Swings the crowbar*

( C22Helios' head gets hit directly )

( C22Helios starts to bleed )

Wolfgang) ...*Drops the crowbar*

( Blue runs down )


Wolfgang) NO!

( Blue walks over to Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) Why do you want me to hurt him? He's done nothing wrong!

Blue) He's attacked my friend!

Wolfgang) OKAY...SO this is for revenge!

Blue) YEAH!

Wolfgang) REVENGE!

Blue) YEAH!

Wolfgang) Do it yourself, I'm getting some medics over here! *Looks back at Jenna* Time to go...

( Blue picks the crowbar up )

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) Yes? *Grabs Jenna*


( Wolfgang gets hit with the crowbar )


( Wolfgang's hands let Jenna go )

( Jenna cries )

( Blue hits Wolfgang with the crowbar again )

Wolfgang) AHHH!

( Blue assaults Wolfgang with the crowbar )

C22Helios) *Slowly gets up* RAWR!

Blue) ...

( C22Helios grabs Blue from behind )

Blue) LET ME GO! *Back swings the crowbar*

( C22Helios gets hit, but doesn't let go )

Blue) ...

( C22Helios releases black lightning )

( Blue gets electrocuted )

( Wolfgang crawls )

( C22Helios follows )

Jenna) *Sitting to the cart's side* DADA!

C22Helios) ...

( Wolfgang stops next to Jenna )

Jenna) DADA!

( C22Helios looks at Jenna )

( Jenna some-what gets on Wolfgang's back )

( Wolfgang holds the pain in )

Jenna) Dada...

C22Helios) *Staring at the picture in Wolfgang's locket* ... *Looks at Wolfgang and Jenna* RAWR! *Runs into some weird corner*

( C22Helios scratches on the walls )

( C22Helios accidently pushes a button )

( C22Helios throws something )

( The item stops moving and slides to the ground, before passing outside the weird corner )

Humagons-Times Collide: Episode 22

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