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30 minutes later...

DF) *Crying* Jeff...You were a good friend...

Kyuuga) I'm sorry...I tried my best to save him from that hawk...He fought, but it ate him...His tail was the only thing I could get...

DF) *Sniffs* Okay...*Picks up Jeff's tail*

Nintendo) *In head* Okay...

Ice) *In head* Um... .-.

Jenna) Dada...

Nintendo) DF, we need to keep moving...

DF) I know...

Nirrel) We lost a good fellow squirrel...DF, you can call me Jeff...


Nirrel) ...

Nintendo) GUYS!

Kyuuga) Well...I'll go drive my car back then...*Walks away*

( Nirrel picks DF up )

( The bakugans jump again, while Extremis flies )

Dralios) *Keeping a distance* ...

By Wolfgang...

Wolf) What's so important to not train with me...

Wolfgang) *Opens locket* Someone special...

Wolf) You didn't kiss my girlfriend, right?!

Wolfgang) Never did...

Wolf) Then what, your wife's here?

Wolfgang) Nope

Wolf) Let me see! *Grabs Wolfgang's locket and looks at it*

Wolfgang) LET IT GO!

Wolf) *Lets it go* Wow...

Wolfgang) ...

Wolf) Well um...Okay...I'll go train myself...*Backs away*

Wolfgang) Sorry...Just a little stressed knowing my daughter has been here and I haven't know until now...

Wolf) How do you know?

Wolfgang) DF told me

Wolf) Telepathy?

Wolfgang) Yep

Wolf) Well, have fun waiting...I'm training! *Leaves*

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) You love her?

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Jean) Do you like me?

Wolfgang) Why are you asking me that?

Jean) Just a question

Wolfgang) Okay

Jean) My question?

Wolfgang) Not right now

Jean) ...*Leaves*

Wolfgang) *Looks at the picture in his locket* Jenna, Mom must be worried sick about you...But she can't, she still has to take care of Jenna and from what I've heard, she has our third on the way...Samantha, I hope you're not worried sick...*Kisses the locket*

( Jean pushes a chair up for Wolfgang )

Jean) Here...

Wolfgang) *Looks behind him* ...Thanks Jean...

Jean) *Head tilts* You're welcome

Wolfgang) *Sits down* Jenna...

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