Wolfgang) *Closes door* Ugh...*Wiping mouth*

<DF) You cheated on Samantha>

<Wolfgang) No...>

<DF) You were kissing another girl>

<Wolfgang) She tricked me and started that long kiss...I tried getting her off me, but she got right back on it, so I was thinking...How do I get her to stop...So I kissed her back...She probably wanted that and wouldn't have left me alone...She tried kissing me again, but I held her back, so now I'm away from her...Okay?>

<DF) You still cheated on Samantha>

<Wolfgang) And...I...Didn't...Want...To...But...I...Had...Zero...Options>

<DF) Whatever>

<Wolfgang) And I couldn't hurt that girl by forcing her off me>

<DF) Whatever>

<Wolfgang) Ugh>

( Wolfgang's feet touch the floor )

By Jean...

Jean) *Looking at Wolfgang* He will kiss me again...He will like it...He will...

By Wolfgang...

( Wolfgang walks towards the dummies )

( The dummies kick Wolf, while looking at Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang waves the dummies off and walks away )

( The dummies look back at Wolf and beat on him )

Wolfgang) Never take your eye off me...*Turns around and charges towards the dummies*

( A dummy looks at Wolfgang )

( The dummy throws Wolfgang lifts the air )

( Wolfgang handstands on the dummy's shoulders )

Wolfgang) Hey...*Does a few push ups*

( The other dummy pushes Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) *Falling* HEY! *Pulls into the first dummy's gut with a dropkick*

( Wolfgang's feet go through the dummy )

Wolfgang) o-o Wow...

( The other dummy grabs Wolfgang's feet )

Wolf) ...

( The dummy pulls Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang gets stuck in the first dummy )

( Wolf rolls backwards )

( The dummy continues pulling Wolfgang )

( Wolf runs towards the dummy )

( Wolfgang remains in a helpless position )

( Wolf jumps into the air with his knee up )

( Wolf's knee crashes onto the dummy's head )

( The dummy's head flies off )

( The two dummies fall, as does Wolfgang, who is stuck in the first dummy )

Wolf) Let me help you out...*Walks over to Wolfgang* You're athletic, I may say...

Wolfgang) You're pretty good too

Wolf) ...*Stomps on Wolfgang's head and stands on his face*

Wolfgang) ...

Wolf) You didn't even scream...*Gets off Wolfgang*

Wolfgang) Why do I scream, I've been through tons of pain before

Wolf) Anyways...*Works on freeing Wolfgang from the dummy's body*

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