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Moments later...

( ??? punches Dralios’ head )

( Dralios punches ???’s head )

( ??? punches Dralios’ face with his left hand )

( Dralios backs away )

( ??? releases a V-shape blast from his visor like mask )

( Dralios turns to black electricity, transferring to the ground and avoiding a fiery “V” )

???) …

( No sound is made )

???) ERR...AG-*Sparks touch feet* … *Jumps into the air*

( Black electricity bursts out of the ground )

( Black sparks touch ???’s legs, feet, hands, and arms )

( Dralios come out of the black electricity )

???) He...*Twirls fist*

( Dralios flies into ???’s gut )

( ??? quickly reacts, punching Dralios’ head )

( Dralios falls backwards at a quick speed, crashing into the ground beside Dralios’ hole )

???) Hmph! *Holds hands out*

( Black electricity turns to red flames, that engulfs ???’s body )

( ??? charges towards Dralios )

( Dralios opens his right eye )

( ??? gets closer and closer quickly )

( Dralios opens his mechanical left eye, releasing a tiny blast of fire )


( ??? crashes into Dralios, making a deep crater and dusty, brown smoke everywhere )

???) *Covering his right eye, while slowly getting up* … *Spits on C22’s face*

( C22 lays on the ground unconscious )


( Cherror runs through black creatures, slashing each and everyone )

( Each black creature falls apart )

Lord Darterym) Very good...

( Cherror stands still, watching black creatures pummel Redestro and Vivrate )

Lord Darterym) Failures...

( Cherror runs into the black creatures surrounding Vivrate )


( The black creatures attack Cherror )

( Cherror slams his chains into each black creature )

( The black creatures dissipate into spheres )

( Black creature continue to pummel Redestro )

( Cherror picks Vivrate up )

Cherror) Easy my lord...Easy...*Throws Vivrate into black creatures*

( Some of the creatures break into spheres, while the others run towards Cherror )

( Cherror releases a red blast from his mouth )

( The creatures turn to spheres )

Dar) BOMBS AWAY! *Shoots a large sphere blast from his gun*


( Smoke erupts )

( Cherror jumps out of the smoke )

( Dar and Rar stand, shooting spheres at Cherror )

( Cherror takes few hits, before he lands on top of Vivrate )

( Cherror bends down, wrapping his chain around Vivrate’s neck, while being shot at )

Lord Darterym) HOLD!

Rar) Yes, lord.

Dar) *Fires one last time* Sure, Lord.

Rar) Dar...Err...

( Cherror pulls his chains up, while holding Vivrate’s head down with his foot )

Vivrate) Viviviviviviviviv! *Hit by Dar’s sphere bullet*

( The chains slowly turn red )

( Cherror stops pulling )

Cherror) Failures deserve death...*Yanks chains*

( Vivrate’s head rips of her neck, killing Vivrate and making her slowly turn to energy )

( Cherror’s chains are free )

( Cherror jumps, stabbing both Redestro and Vivrate )

( Redestro turns to water )

( Cherror stands up )

( Water comes up and encases Cherror )

( Dar fires another sphere bullet at Cherror )

Rar) DAR!

( The bullet pierces Cherror’s arm, releasing red blood into the water )

( The water starts to boil, some evaporating )

( The water leaves Cherror’s body, forming in-front of Cherror )

Cherror) IDIOT!

( Redestro fully reforms himself, but is pierced with Cherror’s claws right away )

Redestro) YOU...YO-*Face is pierced with Cherror’s claws from his open hand )

( Redestro slowly slides off, collapsing and decaying into energy )

Cherror) Dead, pathetic failures...

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