A figure comes out of the darkness, by Dar...

???) Brother, you failed us.

Dar) Rar...

Rar) Younger brother.

Dar) I am not your brother, Rar!

Rar) Cool it, failure!

Dar) You must be a failure too.

Rar) I didn't fail. Hmph, I completed my task.

Dar) Does that make you better?

Rar) A lot better than you.

In Aaron and Jean's kitchen...

( Jean's head touches Aaron's head )

Jean) What happened out there? What was going on?

Aaron) Oh nothing.

Jean) We both know something happened.

Aaron) Well it was nothing.

Jean) *Moves head; looking at Aaron directly* I've known you for a few years...You're my man, what happened?

Aaron) A large worm bakugan's death happened.

Jean) You killed it? I thought you...we changed.

Aaron) I didn't kill it, Raphoon didn't...*Bubbles moving in the flooding sink* He probably wants my attention.

Jean) Three...Two...One.

Aaron) No Raphoon, huh.

Jean) Yeah.

Aaron) Probably scared him when we were kissing.

Jean) Hope so.

Aaron) What?

Jean) How did the worm die?

Aaron) Its head was shot off.

Jean) Dar?

Aaron) Were you watching?

Jean) Maybe.

Aaron) So...Yes?

Jean) Yes.

Aaron) I thought we both changed.

Jean) We did.

Aaron) But you were spying and lying to me.

Jean) *Moves finger towards Aaron's face, from his chest* I was worried *Leaning towards Aaron*

Aaron) O-

( Jean kisses Aaron )

( Aaron puts his hands on Jean's hips )

Raphoon Razeun) *On ledge* STUPID SINK, I DON'T WANT THAT ATT *Sees Aaron and Jean kissing again* ...en...tion...WELCOME ME BACK! *Falls into the flooding sink*

( Razeun sinks )

( Bubbles come out of the water still )

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