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In their room, Aaron and Jean talk to each other. Raphoon is also in the room with Aaron and Jean, while you watch through a small opening from the stairs…

Jean) *Is sitting on their bed with Popcorn still inside a caged beside her* I thought you were getting the key first…

Popcorn) Meow.

Aaron) *Opens the first drawer* No *Shuts first drawer and opens second drawer* No *Shuts second drawer and opens third drawer* Yes *Sees a key* There’s no point in it, we have an extra key somewhere in here. We have to, I know we have two keys. *Picks up a key from the third drawer* Here, Jean *Tosses the key to Jean without looking*

( Jean catches the key and turns to the cage )

Raphoon) *Lands onto Jean and Aaron’s covers* You should leave her locked up.

Jean) Raphoon, shut up.

Raphoon) You’ll have to make me.

Jean) *Glares at Popcorn* Are you sure about that? *Tries placing the key into the cage’s lock*

Popcorn) *Looking at Raphoon* MEOW!

Raphoon) Ye - I hate that cat…

Jean) Aaron, wrong key. *Thoses it onto the bureau beside Aaron*

Aaron) *Looks at Jean* Ugh, okay… *Turns around and climbs onto the bureau*

Jean) Be careful…

( Aaron slowly stands up, checking the top of the bureau with hand )

Aaron) *Sweeps his hand back and forth and soon touches something metallic* Think I found it…

Jean) Yay!

Aaron) *Puts his hand over the metallic item and slides it to where he can see what it is* Yep, it’s the key. *Grabs the key and hops off the bureau*


Jean) *Looks at Raphoon* Raphoon, you be- GET OFF THOSE COVERS NOW, YOU’RE GOING TO PUT HOLES IN THEM!

Raphoon) … *Floats upwards, but is stuck on the covers*

Aaron) Raphoon…

Jean) RAPHOON! *Pushes the covers down*

( Raphoon gets free, but has some fabric attached to him )

Aaron) Oh great…

Jean) *Looking at the holes left behind* That’s it...YOU BETTER GET RID OF HIM!

( Raphoon floats away slowly )

Aaron) Calm down <.<


( Raphoon pauses for a second, but slowly lands into a metal box )

Aaron) Jean!

Jean) *Lets out an angry “uh!” sound* Just give me the key.

Aaron) Long day…

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