Back by the mansion, after a little more talk from police officers, they all left. Aaron has parked the van since then and Aaron and Raphoon have gotten back into his house. Jim holds Popcorn’s cage, while Ice, Val, APW, and Kyle are nowhere to be found…

( You are sitting on the steps )

Aaron) Where’s everyone at?

Jean) Who?

You) Ice, Val, APW, Kyle, and well, there was PG…

Aaron) And PG died?

You) Yeah.

Jean) Like we could care at all - now where’s the key to Popcorn’s cage?

You) I don’t know, haven’t seen it once.

Aaron) *Looks back at Jean* Why’s Popcorn in a cage anyways?

You) Ice did it.

Jean) Who?

Aaron) Where’s she at?

You) That’s something I cannot te...l...l...You know what, screw that...They weren’t really nice to me anyways. I just don’t know where exactly she’s at, but she’s upstairs hiding.

Aaron) Okay.

Popcorn) Meow!

Jean) Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon, my Popcorn. I’ll go find her and get the k-

Aaron) No, don’t do that. Leave them be, we still have an extra key.

Jean) That’s true, but -

Aaron) Jean, just leave them be. If someone has to handle them, I will.

Jean) No one traps Popcorn, Aaron...I got it.

Aaron) No, Jean, *Points to self* I got it.

Jean) Okay… <.<

Aaron) You just go to the room and get our “secret” key.

Jean) Okay.

Aaron) I’ll go find them and get our key back. Then, I want to speak to you.

Jean) Okay.

You) And what about me? :D

Aaron) Do something.


Aaron) Raphoon, you can shut up and go to the room with Jean.

Jean) …

Raphoon) No…

Aaron) You’ll get all the spotlight you want.

Raphoon) Okay, I’ll go!

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Humagons-Infection: Episode 35

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