Meanwhile during the same time as Aaron and Jean returning home, Marcus has begun leaving the disfigured mountain. As of the moment, Marcus is currently sliding down the mountain in his Bakugan form...

( Cherror’s head looks down towards his feet )

Cherror) Like I ever needed them...Those two fools, the lord will not be proud of you two. <Beep>, I can beat you both again.

( Cherror goes through a huge chunk of a destroyed road on the mountains )

Cherror) Abandoned me? I thought we were a team. I never needed a “team”, but I gave you two a chance for our lord and you both quickly abandoned me.

( Cherror slides towards a work covered in rubble from above )

Cherror) And we should all know our lord, he isn’t easy on no one.

( Cherror slides onto the road )

Cherror) He’s as rough and tough...AND they come. Who else would have made me stronger? Or made you two what you are now. We’re all monsters hiding and if anybody wants that monster…

( Cherror walks to the ledge )

Cherror) Beware…

( Cherror swings his right arm chain )

( The chain flies into the air and wraps around a tree good enough to pull Cherror over )

Cherror) All hail, Lord Darterym! *Swings off the road*

Meanwhile, black spheres hop up and down on the ground, on their way to Lord Darterym. Dar and Rar’s heads look forward…

Dar) We’re doing the right thing, correct?

Rar) ...Are you really asking me that?!

Dar) We could have stuck around and backstabbed him later on. Now all we probably did was make him angry.


Dar) It would have been smart of us to…

Rar) SMART?!

Dar) Yeah.

Rar) Dar, that’s not smart. What you will witness by me is smart!

Dar) ?

Rar) And our lord will be PROUD!

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Humagons-Infection: Episode 34

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