Meanwhile, Jean has stopped the van in its place after seeing Aaron coming ashore. It doesn’t take Aaron long to reach Jean as he has flown to the van in his Bakugan form. Aaron is returning to his human form, beside the van in another round of pouring rain…

Jean) *Happy* He’s back!

Raphoon) Now you don’t have to worry anymore!

Jean) *Looking at Aaron* ...He b- My hair! *Reaches into the cupholder where Raphoon is in*

Raphoon) *Sees Jean's hand coming for him* If she gets hurt, Aaron’ll… *Rolls away from Jean’s hand* Miss Jean, it’s me!

Jean) *Looks down at Raphoon* Whatever… *Grabs the brush in the next cupholder*

Raphoon) Don’t whatever me…

( Jean starts brushing her hair, ignoring Raphoon )

Raphoon) …

( The passenger’s door opens )

Aaron) *Getting into the van* You’re brushing your hair already, Jean?

Jean) It was probably messed up anyways.

Aaron) Okay.

Jean) And you’re all soaked.

Aaron) Yeah…


Aaron) *Slams the door shut* Raphoon, not now.

Raphoon) Somebody’s ticked off…

Aaron) I’m not ticked off <.<

Raphoon) Liar.

Aaron) Raphoon…

Jean) Raphoon, just shut up.

Raphoon) That’s not fair!

Aaron) Life’s not fair, Raphoon, life is not fair.

Jean) And you’re only causing trouble.

Raphoon) -

Aaron) And I don’t need your input, Jean.

Jean) …

Aaron) I can handle these situations myself.

Jean) Aaron, are you alright?

Aaron) I...It’s… … Just drive.

Jean) Okay… *Pushes the gas pedal with her foot*

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Humagons-Infection: Episode 32

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