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Back inside Aaron and Jean’s mansion…

You) *Looking at the wind tunnel coming out of the smoke* Sweet!

Kyle) O.O

Val) Eh, I’ve seen much better.

Kyle) *Looks to his side at Val* …

( Behind them, APW takes PG’s picture she was making and runs up stairs with it )

( PG lays on the ground still )

( Ice finishes wrapping her hand up with bandages, while Popcorn lays on her side in the cage she’s in )

Meanwhile, Cyrowolf continues on his path with no one or thing on his track and holds C22 close to him…

Cyrowolf) C22, what have you became?

( Cyrowolf flies into clouds )

Cyrowolf) A wild animal? A freak? A monster? You cannot be any of those. Afterall, you were once my friend. And what’s so special about you? You’re like me and everyone else who faced the same <beep> experiments...We’re all similar.

( Cyrowolf comes out of the clouds soaked )

Cyrowolf) Just by the sight of Marcus, Dar, and someone other creature that I haven’t seen before, I know Darterym must be involved in whatever’s going on. I don’t know what they want with you, but they aren’t going to get you. If you’ll make them stronger or if they plan to kill you...I cannot let any of that happen.

( Cyrowolf flies above smaller mountains, getting closer to them each second he moves )

Cyrowolf) I owe you my help for the times you needed it and I wasn’t around. In fact, I’ve forgotten about you a few times...But not this time. This time there’s something big going on and you’ll need my help.

( Cyrowolf gets past the mountains and the forest leading down to a highway and beach )

Cyrowolf) If I helped you before, you wouldn’t be acting like this. Everyone changes at some point and I’ll help you. I did things wrong, but I’ve changed...Jean’s changed too...And so will you.

( Cyrowolf dives into the ocean )

Cyrowolf) You’ll be safe here...

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