In the men’s bathroom, Dr. Val speaks on his digital cell phone...

Dr. Val) Yes.

( ??? speaks )

Dr. Val) Okay.

( ??? speaks again )

Dr. Val) I understand.

( ??? speaks once more )

Dr. Val) I hate them too and I promise I can get the job done.

( ??? speaks for another time )

Dr. Val) Understood.

???) Good. *Ends call*

Dr. Val) Ugh.

( Dr. Val gets another call )

Dr. Val) *Answers* Hello?

Jean) Hey, Dr. Val.

Dr. Val) You already want to talk to me again.

Jean) Yeah.

Dr. Val) How’s the ride?

Jean) We’re coming back.

( Dr. Val’s phone beeps )

Dr. Val) Ugh...Another call, I’ll put you on hold for now.

Jean) Ok-

( Dr. Val puts Jean on hold )

Dr. Val) *Answers* Hello?

??? 2) …

Dr. Val) Hello?

??? 2) Really? You cannot remember my number?!

Dr. Val) Oh hey, Professor.

Prof. Nintendo) Hey - How’s everything been?

Dr. Val) Everything’s been pretty well, I was just talking to Jean.

Prof. Nintendo) Oh okay, how’s the lab?

Dr. Val) It’s fine.

Prof. Nintendo) Did you figure anything out about what killed Blue and Kyuuga?

Dr. Val) I have and I’ve narrowed it down to a mutation or infection.

Prof. Nintendo) Interesting.

Dr. Val) So yeah, I have to get back to Jean’s call.

Prof. Nintendo) Wait up...One thing, the trial is close to ending.

Dr. Val) That’s great news, sir.

Prof. Nintendo) I should be back in the next few days.

Dr. Val) I’ll be waiting.

Prof. Nintendo) I -

( Dr. Val ends the call and goes back to talk to Jean )

Dr. Val) Not to be rude, but why are you coming back?

Jean) I left Raphoon in the women’s bathroom.

Dr. Val) You sure?

Jean) Yeah.

Dr. Val) Well then, I’ll go get him.

Jean) No, I’ve got it...I left him there.

Aaron) *In the background* We forgot him.

Dr. Val) Whatever you say.

Jean) We’ll be there soon...bye.

Dr. Val) Bye.

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