( ??? looks back, seeing Aaron chasing after him )

Jean) Aaron...

( The door opens behind Jean )

??? 2) *Walking outside* Rotten ra- Oh hey, Jean.

Jean) *Looks back at ??? 2* Hey Dr. Valentin.

Dr. Val) Sorry about that rotten sc-

Jean) *Looks back at Aaron running after ???* He is...

( ??? turns a corner )

Dr. Val) What he do now?

( Aaron turns the corner )

( The car turns the corner )

Jean) Oh, he just has Raphoon and some ring, that Aaron seems suspicious about right now...

Dr. Val) *Upset* A RING?!

Jean) Yeah...

Dr. Val) That ring is yours...

Running down the sidewalk, a corner away from Jean and Dr. Val, Aaron slowly catches up with ???...

Aaron) Drip, drop, you do notice the blood coming from your hand?

???) I DON’T CARE! *Gains speed*

( Raphoon mumbles, unable for Aaron to understand what was spoken )

Aaron) ...Uh...You think you can outrun me? *Quickens pace*

???) I KNOW I CAN!

Aaron) REALLY?! *Runs even faster*

???) YEAH! *Turns into an alley*

Aaron) An alley, how not scary! *Runs into the alley*

( The car drives straight ahead, without turning into the alley )

( ??? looks back at Aaron, before knocking a trash can onto the ground )

Aaron) NOT GOING TO STOP ME! *Jumps over the trash can*

( Blood drips onto the ground in larger portions )

( Raphoon continues to mumble )

Aaron) *Lands, still running* You can’t stop me, so just give up and give me Raphoon and that ring back!

???) *Taking deep breathes* NO! *Pace slows*

Aaron) Yes, you will!

( A car quickly stops, allowing ??? to continue on )

Aaron) …

( The car moves )

( Aaron jumps onto the car and runs in front of the windshield )

( The car’s horn goes off )

Aaron) *Looks at the driver* I’M SORRY!

( ??? turns another corner into a narrow alley, with a dead end and ladder near the end )

( The car door opens )

Aaron) Look sir, I’m sorry! I have to go! *Jumps off the car*

??? 3) Look, you hold it up mister!

Aaron) THAT KID YOU STOPPED FOR STOLE MY STUFF, OKAY?! *Gets back to running*

??? 3) HEY, HOLD IT! *Closes car door and chases Aaron*

( Aaron looks at the two narrow alleys and takes the left alley )

( ??? stops at the ladder and turns to his head, seeing Aaron on his trail )

Aaron) Try your best, your chance already past.

( ??? puts the a bloody ring and Razeun into his pocket )

( Aaron jumps onto a cover trash can )

( ??? grabs onto the ladder, but has a hard time climbing with his bloody, wrecked hand )

( Aaron jumps onto a dumpster )

( ??? climbs )

( ??? 3 stops, aiming a gun-like figure at Aaron )

( A bloody Raphoon and ring fall out of a hole in ???’s pocket, made by Razeun’s sharp ball form )

( Aaron jumps towards a climbing ??? )


Aaron) *Hit by a bullet and electricity sparks over his body* AAAAAAHHHHHHH! *Crashes onto the ground beside Raphoon and the ring*

??? 3) *Looks at ???* Joe, get back down here!

Joe) Uh...Sure...*Climbing down*

( A car screeches )

Joe) On second thoughts...*Climbs back up as quick as he can*

( A black car with tinted windows turns towards the alley )

??? 3) GO, GO, GO! *Runs off towards his car*

( The car turns into the alley and stops )

( ??? 3 hops into his car and drives, without closing his door until the last minute )

( A figure, most likely Joe’s Bakugan form, flies away )

( Two car doors open )

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  1. What could the ring be for?

Humagons-Infection: Episode 14

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