A week later, Aaron, Jean, and Raphoon are outside Dr. Nintendo’s home and laboratory...

Raphoon Razeun) *In ball form* NO!

Aaron) Razeun. -_-

Jean) Rudy, it’s alright. Nothing’s going to get you.

Raphoon Razeun) Shut- *Looks at Aaron* -I’M NOT GOING IN THERE!

Jean) We don’t need him, Aaron. *Kisses Aaron*

Raphoon Razeun) MY EYES! *Looks at the ground*

( Jean and Aaron stop kissing )

Aaron) *Holding Jean’s hands, on his chest* I know.

Jean) I love you.

Aaron) I love you more...*Starts walking towards the steps*

Jean) *Turns towards the steps, holding Aaron’s hand and walking with him* How much?

Raphoon Razeun) ATTENTION!

Aaron) More than you’ll ever know.

Jean) I’ll always love you more than that.

Raphoon Razeun) AWW, STOP!

( Aaron and Jean reach the final step )

Raphoon Razeun) ATTENTION! *Floats towards Aaron and Jean* ... *Too slow to catch up to Aaron and Jean* HOLD UP!

???) *From inside* YOU’RE PATHETIC, OLD MAN!

??? 2) W-


( Aaron and Jean stop moving on the top step, while Razeun slips past Aaron and Jean before stopping )

??? 2) L-

???) Ooh, what’s this...It must be expensive...You wouldn’t want this to break or anything...

??? 2) Ple-

( Aaron looks over at Jean )

( Glass shatters )

???) Oops, I dropped it. *Snickers*

??? 2) …Get out.

???) <Beep> no.

( Aaron and Jean take a few steps, while Raphoon remains in front of them )


???) MAKE ME!

( A slight “sling” sound is heard )

( The front door opens )

( A man with spiky, red hair, a black vest over a gray shirt, jeans, and gray shoes walks out )

Raphoon Razeun) What are you? Who are you? Do you come from another solar system? AARON, SICK HIM!

Aaron) …

???) Uh...*Looks at Jean* Why hello there, sweetie.

Jean) …

???) What are you doing with them? Don’t you think you need someone more handsome than him?

Jean) No, I don’t need anyone less handsome than him.

???) Seriously?

Jean) Seriously.

???) For one, that guy is a piece of garbage.

Jean) No he isn’t.

Raphoon Razeun) His name is Aaron.

Jean) Yeah, Raphoon, I know.

???) So his name’s Aaron, what a trash name that is.

Jean) I like Aaron...It’s a nice name.

???) *Looks at the front door* Look, he’s not near your caliber or my caliber. We’re definitely better than him.

Jean) I disagree.

???) *Walks towards Jean and Aaron* Geez, sweetie, playing hard to get aren’t you?

Jean) Actually, I’m already caught.

???) Well, you’re free now...*Gets on his knee*

( Aaron squeezes Jean’s hand )

Jean) No, I’ve already got my man.

???) You can always leave him.

Raphoon Razeun) *In the red haired man’s face* Leave the girl alone.

???) Out of my way. *Pushes Raphoon aside, holding a small box in his other hand*

Jean) Seriously, save it for someone else.

Aaron) That box...

???) *Opens the box* Will you marry me?

Jean) Well, that’s a very beautiful ring, but it doesn’t matter one bit, it’s the love that counts. My answer is-...

Aaron) That ring...

???) I made it myself.

Jean) *Looks at Aaron for a second* My answer is still-

Aaron) Excuse me, but where did you get that ring from?

???) Uh...

Aaron) “Uh” is an invalid answer. Where did you get that ring?

???) I bought it.

Aaron) From where?

???) ...

Raphoon Razeun) *In the man’s face again* ATTENTION!

( ??? grabs Razeun )

( Raphoon mumbles trapped in the man’s hand, as the man runs away )

Aaron) *Lets go of Jean’s hand* I’ll be right back, go ahead in without me.

Jean) Okay...

( Aaron runs after the man )

( A black car with tinted windows follows Aaron and the man )

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