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( Jean backs away from Wolf )

( Kyuuga falls from the ceiling )

( Kyuuga falls onto Wolf's paw )

( Kyuuga grabs onto the bottom of Wolf's elbow )

( Wolf releases winds from his palm )

( Kyuuga flips off of Wolf's paw, still holding the bottom of Wolf's elbow )

( Kyuuga lands on the ground with Wolf's arm falling against his shoulder )

( Wolf falls off Kyuuga's shoulder and starts rolling in pain )

( A black blast heads towards Kyuuga )

( Kyuuga's right arm transforms into a blade )

( Kyuuga picks Wolf up )

( Kyuuga throws Wolf into the blast )

( Wolf crashes into the blast and falls onto the ground )

Kyuuga) *Staring at Jean* YOU DID THAT! DIDN'T YOU! *Walks towards Jean*

( Kyuuga walks over Wolf )

( Wolf grabs Kyuuga's ankle )

( Kyuuga trips )

Wolf) IDIOT!

( Winds form in Wolf's paw )

Kyuuga) Not really...

( Winds start whipping Kyuuga )

( Kyuuga rolls under Wolf )

( Wolf falls onto the ground )

( Kyuuga gets up with a cannon charging )

Kyuuga) Nice game...


( Wolf's hand returns to normal )

( Kyuuga returns to normal )

( Kyuuga puts a small device on Wolf )

( Wolf heals )

Wolf) *Opens eyes* ...

Kyuuga) This was made 20 years ago...

Wolf) *Turns head* Don't care...

( Jean stands still and unmoving )

Humagons-Deep Search: Episode 8

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