Marcus) Hold this for me...*Gives his trench jacket to Jean*

Jean) Sure...

( Marcus walks onto the field )

( Jean drops Marcus' jacket and stands by the railing )

Jean) *Mumbles* Love you...

Marcus) *Blows a kiss towards Jean* Waiting sucks

Jean) So what

Marcus) Get my kiss?

Jean) Yeah, it felt great

Marcus) Great

( C22 walks out of his room and stands by a railing )

Jean) How do you feel, C22?

( C22 waves )

Jean) ...

Marcus) C22, don't get in my way again!

C22) Yes, sir

Kyuuga) Come on, Wolf...Come on

( Wolf walks slowly )

Red) *Pushes Wolf* MOVE IT!

( Wolf walks slowly still )


Kyuuga) Know what...*Picks Wolf up* We're going! *Runs*

Marcus) *Sitting* Any day now!

( Kyuuga continues running )

Marcus) FINALLY! *Hands turn to Cherror's paws*

( Kyuuga runs onto the field )

Marcus) HI! *Pounces on Kyuuga*

( Kyuuga samoan drops Wolf )

( Wolf rolls over, in pain )

( Jean looks at Wolf for a second, then looks back at Marcus )

Marcus) ERRRRRAHHHHH! *Tries to get his claws into Kyuuga*

Kyuuga) ERR! *Turns to Karuma* TRY NOW! *Pushes Marcus off*

( Marcus falls backwards and lands on his feet )


Karuma) WE'LL SEE! *Releases a fireball from his left shoulder cannon*

( Cherror slices the fireball into pieces )

( Karuma flies towards Cherror )

( Cherror swings his arms )

( Chains swing as Cherror swings his arms )

( Karuma grabs the chains and flies upwards )

( Cherror helpless gets lifted off the ground and pulled )

( Karuma pulls Cherror's chains upwards )

( Cherror shoots upwards )


( Cherror crashes into the roof and flies through an open hole )

( Jean covers her face )

( Karuma pulls the chains )

( Cherror doesn't show, but scarping is heard )

( C22 and Jean looks up )

( Wolf lays on the ground, watching )

Karuma) GET DOWN HERE! *Pulls again*

( More scarping is heard )

Wolf) ...*Looks at Jean*

( Cherror's head peaks through the hole )

( Karuma pulls for a third time )

( Cherror falls out of the hole )

Karuma) NOW TO END THIS FOR CRIMSON! *Gets blade ready*

( Cherror quickly falls )

( Karuma goes to stab Cherror )

( Cherror grabs the blade, kicks Karuma with both his feet, and wraps the chains around Karuma's blade )

( Karuma punches Cherror )

Cherror) DIE! *Falls under Karuma*

( Karuma's blade pulls and stabs Karuma )

Karuma) ...*Falls*

( Cherror lands on the ground and holds his calls upwards towards Karuma )

( Karuma falls on and goes through Cherror's claws )

Wolf) *Looking at Cherror and Marcus* Kyuuga...

( Cherror removes Karuma off his claws, oddly )

( Karuma falls on the ground with his eyes closed and turns back to Kyuuga )

Wolf) KYUUGA! *Gets back up and looks at Marcus* MARCUS, YOU'RE DEAD!

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