About three hours later and Wolf have drove off...

Val) And he's gone...

Blue) ...*Turns to Blight*

Val) Um...

Blight) THEN YOU'RE IT! *Swings sword towards Val*

Val) *Grabs the sword with Amalgam's hands* WHY ME! *Turns to Amalgam and blasts the sword back*

( Blight's sword flies into the sky )

Blight) ...*Kicks with his shielded leg*

( Amalgam lifts his knee )

( Blight's shielded leg collides with Amalgam's knee )

( Amalgam feels a slight pain and bends down )

( Blight runs towards his sword )

Amalgam) *Moves back up* OH YOU! *Charges, in flight, towards Blight*

( Blight still runs towards his sword )

( Amalgam's mouth glows purple )

Blight) *Looks back* FIRE!

( Amalgam releases a beam )

( Blight pounces onto the ground and picks his sword up )

Blight) GOT IT! *Holds sword up*

( The beam collides with Blight )

( Blight swings his sword in the mist of the beam )

( The beam starts to separate )

( Blight walks and continues to slash the beam in half )

( The six orbs on Amalgam's wings glow )

( Blight inches closer to Amalgam, while slashing the beam )

Amalgam) *Beam ends* That's...Exhausting...

( Blight swings his sword )

( Amalgam grabs Blight's sword )

Blight) STOP IT! *Kicks Amalgam's gut*

( Amalgam lets the sword go and bends down )

Blight) THE END! *Lifts sword*


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