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( Red peaks into a hallway )

Red) FOU- *Flies into a wall after a shot from a black tornado*

Wolf) *Lowers hand* He never learns -_- *Walks towards Red*

C22) AHHH! *Charging towards Wolf*

( Wolf looks to his side and puts his hands up )

( C22 crashes into Wolf )

( Wolf crashes into a wall with C22 pushing and holding him in )

Kate) Nice, C22!

Wolf) ...C22...I don't want to hurt you...

C22) FOR MARCUS! *Pushs his shoulders into Wolf*

( Wolf's body gets pushes into the wall )

Wolf) C22! *Puts hands on C22's body*

( Wolf gets ready to charge winds from his palms )

( Electricity attacks Wolf from C22's body )

Wolf) AHHH!

( C22 backs away )

( Wolf falls out of the wall and lays on the ground )

( Kate gets hit from behind )

( Ice hits Kate again )

Ice) *Grabs Kate's hair* YOU DARE ENTER OUR HOME! *Slams Kate onto the ground*

Red) *Getting back up* KATE!

( Blue smashes his arm on Red's back )

( Red turns to Redestro )

( Blue turns to Blight )

Blight) DESTROY! *Brings sword up*

( Redestro lays on the ground; getting up )

( Blight swings his sword )

( The roof gets cut as the sword moves down )


( Redestro gets sliced in-half )

( Redestro turns to water and surrounds Blight's feet )

( Hands form and grab Blight )

Blight) ...*Lifts sword*

( Clawiurge claws Vivrate )

( Vivrate puts her wings in-front of her body )

( Clawiurge keeps clawing )

( Vivrate vibrates )

( Clawiurge gets thrown off )

( Wolf slowly tries to get back up )

C22) STAY DOWN! *Drops elbow on Wolf's back*

( Wolf falls back onto the ground )

Wolf) C22...*Getting back up*

C22) DIE! *Kicks Wolf's head*

Wolf) *Rolls over* C22...

( Jean walks slyly with a steel chair )

( Wolf jumps up and kicks C22's face )

( C22 covers his eyes )


( Wolf pays attention to Jean, yet keeping an eye on C22 )

( Wolf pushs C22 back )

( C22 crashes into a chair )

Wolf) Calm down...*Walks towards C22 and puts his hands on C22's shoulders* Do you remember me?

C22) ...

Wolf) C22, we were best friends...Really good friends...What happened to that? What did they do to you?


Wolf) C22, I don't want to hurt you more than I did...I just don't want to fight you!


Wolf) NO!

C22) YES!

Wolf) NO!

C22) YES!

Wolf) MAKE ME!

( Jean stands behind C22 )

C22) I WILL!


( C22 holds his fist back )

( Jean swings the chair )

( C22 ducks )

( Wolf gets hit on his head and falls backwards onto the ground )

Jean) ...*Drops the chair* Wolf...

C22) LIKE THAT! *Grabs Jean and holds her on his back*

Jean) WOLF!

( Popcorn runs pass the fights and jumps onto Jean )

Jean) WOLF!

C22) *Turning to Dralios* ONE DOWN! *Takes off*

( The roof shatters )

Vivrate) GO! *Charges into Clawiurge*

( Clawiurge falls backwards )

( Vivrate flies through the roof )

( Blight starts to drown in Redestro )

Redestro) *Mouth shows* Time for me to go...*Disappears*

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