( Red falls onto the ground, sitting in a muddy puddle )

( Wolf walks to ??? 2 )

Wolf) ...*Turns back to Red* I HATE YOU! *Runs and kicks Red's head*

( Red rolls forwards )

Wolf) *Taking deep breathes* Calm down...You know you're evil, but you shouldn't kill him...Yet...

( Red lays on the ground, unconscious )

Wolf) HA! *Stomps on Red's face* HAHA! *Stomps on Red's face, repeatedly and continues laughing*

( ??? 2 hits Wolf from behind )

( Wolf falls to the ground )

Wolf) *Rolls forward and stands* C22, it doesn't have to be like this...I don't want to fight nor hurt you

C22) ERR! *Charges towards Wolf*

( Wolf flips and kicks C22's skull )

( C22 falls, unconscious )

Wolf) *Looking at C22's body* I SAID IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! *Stomps on the back of C22's skull* IT NEVER HAD TO! *Stomps again and starts taking deep breathes* Stay calm...He's your friend, don't need to hurt him...*Looks at Red* HA, BUT HE'S NOT! *Runs and drops leg on Red's skull* HAHAHA! *Picks Red up* Well, I'm done with you! *Hand changes to Cyrowolf's and releases a black tornado*

( Red flies away )

( Wolf turns around and looks at C22 )

???) We're friends...

Wolf) ...

???) We're very great friends, aren't we?

Wolf) Yeah...*Helps C22 up* Let me help you out...We'll have you better soon

( C22 remains knocked out )

( Wolf walks with C22 on his shoulder )

Back by Red...

( Red lays on a building )

???) ...What has he done...

( Red remains knocked out )

???) HE'S GOING TO PAY! *Looks at Wolf and charges like a bullet*

Wolf) ...*Puts arm behind back and releases a black tornado from his hand*

( ??? gets hit and crashes into a building )

( Lights turn on )

( ??? turns to Kate )

Wolf) NICE TRY, KATE! *Turns to Cyrowolf and flies off with C22* We'll help you...

By Jean...

Jean) *Biting nails* Where is he...Where is he...*Looking out the front door* He should be here...

Kyuuga) Where's who?

Jean) Wolf, idiot!

Kyuuga) ...

Jean) Sorry, just a little upset...

Kyuuga) Understood

Jean) Truth is, I never liked being evil...I'm not evil either...I've just looked it for my actions made it...

Kyuuga) And you're a nice steak...

Jean) ...Okay?

Kyuuga) Anyways...I'm going to head out

Jean) Okay...*Opens door for Kyuuga*

Kyuuga) Thank you, sweet one...*Walks out*

Jean) You're welcome *Closes door*

( Kyuuga walks off )

Jean) *Looks over to her side* O_O HE'S HERE...FINALLY!

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