A week after Marcus and Wolf faced off...

Jean) Wolf you know you don't have to beat the pillow up...

Wolf) *Slams pillow to the ground* I know...*Jumps up and drops leg across the pillow*

Jean) Then just stop...

Wolf) *Stands up* Nah...*Picks pillow up and slams it across his knee*

Jean) -_- Your heart will-

Wolf) Remember, you said I don't have a heart...*Looks at Jean*

Jean) ...

Wolf) You look good today...

Jean) Wolf, I always look good...

Wolf) I know

Jean) Then why say it every day?

Wolf) Because I want to

Jean) Just like how you'll be sleeping with that very pillow...*Looks at the pillow and then at Wolf*

Wolf) =O

Jean) Yeah, you'll be sleeping with that pillow...*Pets Popcorn*

Popcorn) Meow!

Jean) And that's all Popcorn has to say...*Walks away*

Wolf) Jean...Wa-

Ding, dong!

( Jean continues walking away )

Wolf) ...*Walks to the door* Now who could this be...*Opens door* O_O

( Wolf gets his face punched )

( Wolf moves back into the wall )

( The mysterious person wearing a black mask punches Wolf multiple times )

( Wolf counters and slams the mysterious person into the wall )

( Wolf backs up )

Wolf) YOU WANT TO ATTACK ME! *Charges towards the masked man with a running dropkick*

( The masked man grabs both of Wolf's feet and slams him through the table next to the wall )


( Jean runs back over )

Masked Man) O_O *Runs away, closing the door*

( Jean runs down the steps and through the living room to check on Wolf )

Jean) Wolf! What happened!

Humagons-Deep Search: Episode 2

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