A haos, yellow and white lizard-like Bakugan who walks on all fours and belongs to C22helios. Has a dragon-like head and chains attached to his legs. Despite this, he is very fast. Spikes stick out of his back.


Synergy - Leviathan starts glowing with an intense yellow aura. Allows abilities starting with, "Constellar" To be used.

Consteller Bolt - Leviathan launches a ball of electricity from it's mouth. Allows "Galaxy Overload" To be used.

Constellar Shield - Leviathan's scales harden and develop a barrier of solid light. Allows "Galaxy Barrier" To be used.

Galaxy Overload - Leviathan launches a beam of electricity from it's mouth. Allows "Starstrike Blast" To be used.

Galaxy Barrier - The already formed shield around Leviathan expands and hardens. Allows "Cosmo Dome" To be used.

Bound - Leviathan's chains extend and wrap around the opponent. Any pain felt by Leviathan is felt by the opponent.

Regenerate - Leviathan heals any wounds present on his body.

Maelstrom - Leviathan releases large amounts of electricity around itself.

 Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

Starstrike Blast - Leviathan shoots 3-Star-like objects into the the air above the opponent. They allign above the other Bakugan and release a massive storm of electricity.

Cosmo Dome - The Already massive shield around Leviathan expands at a massive rate, pushing anything on the outside back.

Build Up - Leviathan's aura intensifies as the sky becomes similar to that of the Haos Dimension of Vestroia. Allows "Envoy From The Starry Skies." to be used.

Sacred AbilityEdit

Envoy From The Starry Skies - The sky becomes pure white and yellow stars forming a constellation of an archer appear. The stars move in a fashion that makes it look like the archer is knocking an arrow. The "arrow" is actually a star and is launched at high speeds towards the opponent, never missing it's mark and leaving behind a massive crater.

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