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Sky Raider ID with The Wolf's name

Jolts) Blue!

BlueKing4ever) Don't forget Kyleronco and DarkusAlpha!

Pyrosmaster) Blue...

( Blueking4ever, Kyleronco, and DarkusAlpha land with their bakugans )

Mutant Wolfie) I have no time to waste, so...

Kyleronco) Ability Activate, 'Wing Breaker: ( MW, flys into his opponent, leading to 2 wing swipes to his opponent ) ( Mutant Wolf charges into Hydros )'

Hydros) Ow! I was only dancing and when you hit me, when I'm dancing, I get MAD!

( Hydros grabs onto Mutant Wolfie's wing )

Hydros) Now, it's my turn! ( Fires a blast from one of his mouths )

( Meanwhile, DarkusAlpha and Jolts brawl )

DarkusAlpha) You were one of us!... but you had to betray us!

Jolts) No, I was just smarter!

'DarkusAlpha) Ability Activate! 'Spinning beam: (all 12 heads fire at different directions, and Tweloid spins in a circle ).

( Tweloid starts to spin around and fires 12 darkus blast )

Phoenix) Ow! Ow! Ow! Jolts do something!

Jolts) Ability Activate! Dark Flamer! ( Phoenix covers his body in a black flames and charges into his opponent )

( Phoenix charges through Tweloid's blast and knocks Tweloid down )

DarkusAlpha) Well, someone has some fight!

Jolts) I got more fight then you know!

( Meanwhile during Blue and Pyro's brawl )

Blueking4ever) Ability Activate! 'Gusty Push: ( Uses his wings to make a gust, to push his opponent away )'

Pyro Dragonoid) I must hold on... Pyro any time!

Pyro) Oh! Ability Activate! Pyros Flame! ( Pyro Dragonoid, charges up his power at his chest and fires a blast from a swing of its tail. )

( Pyro Dragonoid swings his tail, sending a blast into Stomboid, but Stomboid ate the blast. )

Stomboid) Yummy!

Blueking4ever) When we finish you off, Wolf will be our target!

Pyrosmaster) You will not get to him!

'Blueking4ever) Sure?! Ability Activate, 'Extreme Heat ( Fires a ball of fire at this opponent ).

( Stomboid fires a fireball at Pyrosmaster )

Pyro Dragonoid) NO! ( Moves Pyro out of the way, but the blast misses Pyro Dragonoid too )

Blueking4ever) Hahaha! You failed, you can brawl me and let Wolf suffer in there or, you can go in there and I destroy the building!

( Meanwhile in the house )

Redakaibakulover) I can't leave Hydros alone ( Walks out the back door, not knowing the house is on fire. )

( Meanwhile, Serenity writes down notes on what she needs to stop Wolf's mutation. )

Serenity) There we go, now I need to find these items and I can save Wolf from his mutation... ( Puts notebook in her pocket )

( Looks around )

Serenity) ... smoke... oh no!

( Rushes to Wolf's room, opens the door to his room and unlocks the cage door )

Serenity) Wolf... Wolf ( Pulls Wolf out of his cage )

( Sleeping gas is thrown into the room )

Serenity) Wolf! Wolf wake u...u...up ( Passes out )

Episode 13 Part 1

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