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  1. ​Holiday Event - Wolf
  2. Holiday Bakugan - Porcoone
  3. Storyline 3

Part 2

Mammoth) Ability Activate! Aqua Eye-Catcher! ( Small bullets of water come from Jetro’s eyes and attack the opponent )

Porcoone) WE WILL HAVE FUN! :D *Runs in circles, dodging each bullet*

Zion) …

Mammoth) What kind of dodge is that?!

Zion) A unique dodge! Ability Activate! Liquire! ( Porcoone releases a mixed blast of fire and water from his mouth )

Porcoone) *Body lifts off the ground, charging his blast. Slams body back onto the ground* SHOOT! *Releases the blast upon impact to the ground*

( The blast surfs on the ground towards Jetro )

Mammoth) Ability Activate! Replenishing Sight! ( Jetro looks at a long range attack, changing it into blue energy )

( Jetro looks at the incoming blast, his eyes blue, turning the blast into blue energy )

( The blue energy enters Jetro’s body )

Bug) *Getting off the ground, a Bakugan in front of him* Rise Haos Farakspin!

( Farakspin rises off the field )

Bug) Ability Activate! Light Winds! ( Farakspin moves his wings creating winds filled with yellow light )

( Farakspin flaps his wings quickly, creating winds with yellow light towards Porcoone )

Zion) Huh?! Ability Activate! Burrowing Strike! ( Porcoone digs with his sharp claws, making a tunnel and coming up towards the opponents, slashing them )

( Porcoone digs a hole and enters it )

( The winds hit the ground, with the yellow lights scraping the ground )

( Porcoone digs underground )

Mammoth) Ability Activate! Oversaturation! ( Jetro releases two beams from his earish figures )

Bug) Ability Activate! Lustrous Acidical! ( Farakspin releases bright acid from his mouth )

( Jetro releases two beams at the ground, from his earish figures )

( Farakspin spits out acid at the ground, from his mouth )

( The two beams of water hit the ground, soaking it quickly )

( The bright acid hits the soaked ground, reacting in an unexpected way )


( The acid explodes )

( Jetro and Farakspin fall backwards, turning to their ball forms )

Porcoone) *Sticks head through the hole in the ground* Did we win?

Mammoth) *Looking at Bug* YOU IDIOT!

Bug) Whoops...*Throws out a Darkus Ziperator from his pocket* STAND DARKUS ZIPERATOR!

( Mammoth crosses his arms )

Zion) Ability Activate! Sharpfire! ( Porcoone shoots a few quills at his opponent, they catch fire upon being fired )

( Porcoone jumps out of the hole )

Porcoone) SHOOT! *Shooting a few quills off his back towards Ziperator*

( Porcoone falls back into his hole )

( The quills catch fire )

Bug) Ability Activate! Gusting Kick! ( Ziperator twirls, kicking a dark gust of winds at the opponent )

( Ziperator twirls, making a dark gust of winds form )

( The fiery quills get closer and closer to Ziperator )

( Ziperator kicks the dark gust of winds at the fiery quills )

( The flames on the quills get stronger, going through the winds with ease )

Porcoone) SPIKE!

Mammoth) *Throws Pyrus Scaboid in front of Ziperator* RISE, PYRUS SCABOID!

( Scaboid comes out of its ball form, erupting with flames that protect him from the fiery quills )

Mammoth) *Looks at Bug* Bug, you’re weak, you know!

Bug) *Pushes Mammoth with no avail* HEY, I WAS DOING FINE!

Zion) And I’m the hothead...Ability Activate! Spike Insert! ( A quill shoots off Porcoone’s back and lands in the ground )

( A quil shoots off Porcoone’s back, out of the hole, landing into the ground above )

Mammoth) Since I’m the smart one here, WE SHOULD FREAKING FOCUS ON THE BRAWL!


Zion) Ability Activate! Fireball Eruption! ( The inserted quill takes energy from the ground, releasing multiple fireballs from its top )

( The top of the quill opens up )

( The quill takes energy from the ground and starts releasing multiple fireballs everywhere )

Jack) *Watching* Wow, haven’t seen that before...


Jack) Hold up.

Mammoth) Ability Activate! Splatter Barrier! ( Scaboid releases embery spit from his mouth, that protects him )

Bug) Ability Activate! Outershed! ( Ziperator’s skin sheds into his shelter )

( Fireballs rain, while Porcoone continues to make tunnels )

( Scaboid release embery spit, that blasts apart into a dome shield )

( Ziperator’s skin tears off, encasing Ziperator in a shelter of himself )

Ziperator) *Literally in love* I love my new skin...

( A fireball falls towards Zion )

( Zion backs out of the way )

( Fireballs bombard Scaboid and Ziperator’s protect, wearing both down )

( Porcoone peaks his inside Scaboid’s barrier )

Porcoone) SPIKE! *Bites Scaboid’s foot and pulls it towards the hole*

( Scaboid moves his foot )

Scaboid) WHY YOU! *Turns around*


( Fireballs rain on Scaboid; his dome giving way )


( Smoke erupts )

Mammoth) SCABOID!

( Scaboid comes out in ball form )

Bug) HAHA!

Mammoth) SHUT UP!


( A fireball hit Ziperator directly on his head )

( Smoke erupts )

( Ziperator shoots out of the smoke )


Zion) Ability Activate! Erupted Geyser! ( The inserted spike turns blue, draining the ground of moisture, and releases a burst of heated water )

( The quill turns blue, draining the ground of moisture )

( Ziperator flies above the quill )

( Heat water shoots out, going through Ziperator’s gut )

( Ziperator turns to his ball form )

Zion) There, I win!

Porcoone) *Head sticks out a Bug and Mammoth* SHOOT!

( Mammoth tries reaching for Porcoone, but Porcoone goes back into his hole )

Mammoth) *Reaching inside the hole* GET BACK HERE!

( Porcoone comes out of another hole, looking at Bug )

Bug) Hey...Stay still, we aren’t here to harm you...

Porcoone) SPIKE!

Bug) OH <BEEP> NO! *Blocks, with his one leg off the ground and tilted away*

Porcoone) …*Sticks tongue out and goes back into his hole*


( Porcoone comes out from behind Mammoth, from another hole )

( Porcoone jumps out, flipping and landing back first on Mammoth )

Mammoth) AHHHH! *Falls into the hole he was looking in, put to sleep*


( Alirax grabs Porcoone with both his feet )

Alirax) I MUST FIGHT! *Throws Porcoone to Zion*

( Porcoone slides on the ground, stopping next to Zion )

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