Attributes Crystalic Darkus Crystalic Darkus
Crystalic Magnetism Crystalic Magnetism
Variation(s) Hiriger
Partner Arric
First Appearance MoCC: Episode 11


A bakugan with tons of gray hair that covers his whole body. Some of his thicker hair is used as a weapon. Underneath his hair is a tiger's body wrapped with two wings. His body is an extremely dark black with silver tiger stripes. This tiger-like body is bulked up. His eyes are purple.


  • Hair Cocoon- Hiriger's hair closes on him
  • Mil Hairclone- Hiriger's head twists a full 360 degrees causing his hair swirl; Hiriger's head moves quicker as time goes on
  • Haipel Smash- Hiriger's hair smashes the opponent into the ground
  • Silver Repupel- Magnetic force transferred into the ground causes the opponents to repel away from Hiriger
  • Thrust Uptop- Hiriger’s hair thrust the opponent, then throws the opponent into the air
  • Hair’n Clap- Hiriger’s hair smashes the opponent on opposite sides

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Venus Hair-trap- The opponent is pulled to the center of Hiriger’s head and is suffocated with hair

Sacred Abilities:Edit

Tag Abilities:Edit

Ultimate Tag Abilities:Edit

Sacred Tag Abilities:Edit

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