Heroes Of Xia (also known as HOX) is an upcoming fanon made by yours probably truely, Zie. It takes place in Nimble, which is a amazing city full of Bakugan brawling and stuff, the story features new Attributes like Ice and Lightning. It is set to release near Christmas.


Long ago, there was chaos, but now there is peace, this story takes place in Nimble, a city dedicated to Bakugan brawling, a Brawler known as Zie uses his partner Neos to fight intense battles and later form a 10 person team known as the Neo Brawlers, who later fight a dark evil...

The Neo BrawlersEdit

  • Zie

Bakugan: Neos (Galaxy Attribute)

  • Nexus

Bakugan: Valkyrie (Pyrus)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Aquos)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Haos)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Subterra)

  • Wolf

Bakugan: Wolifa (Ventus)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Darkus)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Ice Attribute)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Lightning Attribute)

  • ?

Bakugan: ? (Nature Attribute)

The Shadow SevenEdit

  • Shade

Bakugan: Destroy Munikis (Darkus)

  • Thalia

Bakugan: Lethax (Pyrus)

  • Kira

Bakugan: Bahamuda (Subterra)

  • Hydro

Bakugan: Vaporax (Aquos)


When it aired, it got 999,999,999,999 viewers THATS SO MUCH

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