Wolf: We're surrounded...

Nintendo: So many hydra...

Darkusfan202:They look more like dragons.

C22helios: Who cares? we need to take them out!

All: Bakugan Brawl!

  • Bakugan come out of ball form*

Ascended Helios: Inferno Kin! *blasts a beam of fire into the air, which splits up taking out some of the Hydragon*

Hurricane Wolfie: Thunder Barrage! *Shoots a electrified tornado taking out more of the opposing forces*

Burnfire Roxanoid: Nova Core!*charges into more of the enemy returning them to ball form*

Drerex:Underworld Assault! *cracks open up in the ground and shadows take out the enemies*

C22helios: *fighting enemy soliders hand-to-hand* at this rate we'll never get out of here, we need to find the commander!

???:Clawiurge! Brawl! *Black light hits the ground and explodes, taking out their own forces*

  • lion tiger mix emerges*
  • Girl jumps down from air fleet*

???: I am Ice, and you must be dead!


Ice:Not yet, but you will be when i'm done with you!

Clawiurge: Boom time! >:D *emit black sparks into the air which take out all the hydragon*

Darkus: What?! Why would you do that?

Wolf: She's insane...

Ice: I simpily wanted to clear the field for our battle. Clawiurge, Pounce!

Clawiurge:>:D *pounces on Ascended Helios*

Ascended Helios: o_o what the?! *falls back*


Ice: Ability Activate, Hiroshima Bombing Simulation that uses darkus energy instead of a atom bomb!

Clawiurge: You mean Horror Cloud?

Ice: yes, but i think my name is better.

Clawiurge:*Glows Black, Then explodes*

  • all bakugan return to ball form*

C22helios: Gah! *grabs Ascended Helios*

Nintendo: the power... *Grabs Burnfire Roxanoide*

Darkusfan202: Do we have leukiamia now? *grabs Drerex*

Wolf: Theres no way so much power could be concentrated in one blast... *grabs hurricane wolfie*

???: Pheburn, Stardust Charge! *someundentifiable object flies by at super sonic speeds and rams into clawiurge*

???:*standing on huge phoenix like bakugan* Hi guys, my name is Star! Pheburn, how bout healing them?

Pheburn:Ok! *glows bright*

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