???: It.. It can't! Burnfire Drerex is 10x stronger than Varia!

Varia: That's ridculous! I don't care what your stupid numbers say! I will take this guy down! Do you hear me?!

???: But if you charge, you're going to get hit-

Varia:(Rushes at BurnFire Drerex)

Nintendocan: Ability activate! Specter Blaze! (Burnfire Drerex glows with dark power and turns intangible)

Burnfie Drerex:Can't touch this!

???: If you insist in this foolishness, Ability activate! Posiden's Trident!

Varia:(Makes a trident appear out of nowhere and attempts to slash at Burnfie Drerex but goes through in stead)

Darkusfan202: Ability Activate! Fire Bombing! (Burnfire Drerex glows and releases a defening yell while this happens)

Squidward gets an exploding pie in the face - YouTubeEdit

(dont mind the spongebob part, the explosion is what Burnfire did)

(entire island is trashed)

Varia:(returns to ball form) Curse you!

???: no matter. i'll get you next time.(teleports away)

Wolf:... When do i get a fusion?

Me:But i can't give spoilers.

Wolf: I don't care when do i get a fusion?

C22helios: The guy up there doesn't know...

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