Darkusfan202: So what's going on bro?

Nintendocan: I'll explain later. I could use alittle help here.

Darkusfan202: on it. Bakugan Brawl! Rise Darkus Drerex!

Varia: One more will make no diffrence!

???: I don't know about this Varia. I'm reading high levels of Collabartive energy shared from those two. Be careful.

Nintendocan: (whispering to Darkusfan) What's he talking about?

Darkusfan202: (shrugs shoulders) i dunno.

???: Let's change things up shall we? Ability Activate! Oceananic Ninja!

Varia:(after a long sequnce of yelling to long for this episode, Varia Changes to the Aqous Atribute)

Drerex: Didn't see that coming.

Roxanoid: does it really matter?

Nintendocan: Let's just get this over with. Ability Activate! Blaze drill!

Roxanoid:Ooo i like this one :D (starts spinning while he catches on fire and charges at varia)

Darkusfan202: Ability Activate! Dark Aether!

Drerex:Lights out! (the sky turns black and a giant chain of explosions head toward varia)

Varia: No challenge. (turns into liquid and both attack pass through him)

???: Ability Activate: Titanic Whip! (both arms strech out towards Roxanoid and Drerex, and start suffocating them)

C22helios: Nintendo! Darkus! You remember that collabartive energy thing he was talking about?

Nintendocan: Yea. What about it?

C22helios: Well, i was looking at the ball forms of Drerex and Roxanoid and Roxanoid has small pegs and Drerex has holes the pegs can fit in!

Darkusfan202: Does that mean Drerex and Roxanoid can fuse?

C22helios: Bingo.

Nintendocan: Then what are we waiting for? Bakugan Fuse!

(a ball of red and black light engulfs Drerex and Roxanoid)

Burnfire Drerex: you're so totally screwed.

Varia: Oh F***

Me: I didn't type that!

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