Before i go any further, the person i decided to put in this ep is... Darkusfan202! (throws confetti) with that done lets go to the story

C22helios:gah!(explosion knocks him back)

Thewolf1: Who are you?

???: Let's just say i used to be a excelent Skyrim player. Until i took an a arrow to the knee. Then i was forced to become a Mercinary.

Nintendocan: ok...

C22helios: I got this! Bakugan Brawl! Rise Pyrus Ascending Helios!

???: (grins) Lets do this Haos Varia!

C22helios: Ability Activate! Noble Impact! (Helios Surroundes itself with bright flame and charges at Varia)

???:Ability Activate! Spacial Sheild!

Varia:(Thrusts it's arms out to the side, creating a sphere of energy around it's self that Helios harmlessly bounces off of)

???: let's finish this! Photon Flash!

Varia: I'll end you! (thrusts it's palms forward and starts gathering energy and then fires it in a huge burst)

Helios: Gah! (returns to ball form)

Thewolf1: I guess it's my turn now! Bakugan Brawl! Rise Ventus Hurrican Wolfie!

Nintendocan: Bakugan Brawl! Rise Burnfire Roxanoid! Ability activate! Mortar Blaze! (Charges energy in mouth and then fires it off at high speeds)

Thewolf1:Ability Activate! Howling Winds! (Wolfie Howls a fires a large tornado surrounded by smaller but still relativly large tornadoes at varia)

???: Not impressive. Ghost Gauntlet!

Varia:(Stops both attacks with its bear hands and deflects them back at Wolfie)

Wolfie: Why me?!

Roxanoid: This is going to get ugly here.

Nintendocan: I really hope something that once seemed insignifcant to me would come by and help me out right now let's say Darkus maybe?

Darkusfan202: Sup bro?

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