*Bakugan fly into the air and glow with a yellow light*
  • They come out of Ball Form*

C22helios: Thanks Star.

Star: Don't thank me, thank Pheburn!

Pheburn: Well i didn't do much...

Star: Stop being modest!

Ice: Clawiurge, Get up.

  • Clawiurge stands up*

C22helios:Ability Activate, Overlo-

Star: Helios, Wolf, Nintendo, DF i'll take care of them. you go ahead and destroy that fleet.

Ice: Ability Activate! Terror Void!

Clawiurge:>:D love this one. *Dark void appears under Pheburn and begins to suck him in*

Pheburn: 0_0 Star... help...

Star: On it buddy! Rebirth!

Pheburn:*turns into a bright yellow flame and tackles Clawiurge*

Wolf: Wolfie, Give us a ride!

Hurricane Wolfie: Climb on my back guys!

  • everyone climbs on wolfie's back*

Nintendo: Don't you have a saddle or something? this is SO uncomfortable

Wolfie: I am NOT a horse!

Darkusfan202: It's not so bad...

  • wolfie jumps into the air and heads towards the airship fleet*

Darkusfan202: I take it back, i got G-Force in my face!

C22helios: Ascended Helios, destroy that barricade!

Ascended Helios: *shoots a ball of fire, setting flame to one of the barrier ships* Pwned.

  • all jump off of wolfie and land on the main airship*

Nintendo: we just have to find the captain and take him down now.

???: One problem. I'm the captain.

C22helios: Soileh22C?! Crap!

Soileh22C: *flicks fingers and dark clones of DF, Nintendo and Wolf appear* that evens the odds a bit. Bakugan Brawl, Rise Darkus Apocalypse Helios!

Apocalypse Helios: Die!

Clones: Bakugan Brawl! *Haos Drerex, Aquos Roxanoid and Subterra Wolfie emerge from ball form*

All the bad guys: Chaos Vortex! *all the bakugan shoot a beam into the air which collide at one point, formin a vortex that sucks the enemy in*

Drerex: Fusion Roxanoid?

Burnfire Roxanoid: it's the only way i can see us winning... *fuses with drerex*

Nintendo: C22, fuse eclipse percival with ascended helios too!

C22helios: on it! *throws Eclipse Percival*

Eclipse Percival: 0_0 Black hole!

Ascended Helios: we need to fuse. *fuses with Eclipse Percival*

C22helios: Wolf you need wolfie to fuse with... wait you don't have a fusion.

Hurricane Wolfie: CRAP!

Star: Pheburn, Phoenix Lament!

Pheburn: *Emits a high pitched tone witch knocks off the balance of the opponent*

Ascended Helios: Saved us again Star and Pheburn. New personal record. I WOULD shake your hand but i would break your arm star and well, pheburn, you don't have thumbs.

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