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Helios Story Ep.10 Soileh22C's Decision

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Soileh22C: All my minions are LAME. How bout we fight them head on Helios?

Ominous Helios: I've been itching for a battle since those jerks defeated us in interspace.

Soileh22C: (grins) Then it's settled. (Presses button on throne) Attension all personel, ready the Battle Cruiser.

(All Soileh's men rush to the hanger)

Soileh22C: And (name here) come with me i could use some back up.

(Unnamed): Yes sir, but...

Soileh22C: Yes?

(Unnamed): Who am i?

Soileh22C: Uh... let's leave that to the guy writing this story to figure out. There will be a contest to see who on this wiki you will be.

Random Soldier: OMG Fourth wall breaking!

(Meanwhile, at the Volcano)

Darkusfan202: Uh... Anyone notice that huge battle cruiser?

C22Helios: Oh crap.

Nintendocan: That can't be good.

Thewolf1: The bad guys always get the good stuff :(

Soldiers onboard battle cruiser: Bakugan Brawl! Rise Hydragon! (many dragon like bakugan with four heads and varying attributes come out of ball forme)

C22Helios: That's offically not good.

Now it's time to find out whos the unnamed soldier appearing in next episode! There will also be a contest for a good guy in the next episode!

Form for good guy:


Attribute:(Can't be Pyrus, Darkus, Ventus or Clear)



Role?:(Not needed)

Form for Bad Guy:



Attribute:(Cant be Subterra, Clear, or Darkus)


Role: (already set. helping Soileh22C fight us)

Helios, Out.

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