Soileh22C: You have failed me Mountain.

The Mountain: I told you it's The Mountain!

Soileh22C: You dare backsass me?! It's time to replace you with someone else (snaps fingers and The mountain dissapears and a figure wearing White robes appears in his place)

???: so, whos the target?

Soileh22C:(takes out a picture of C22helios, Wolf and Nintendocan) if you manage to capture them succsesfully I will pay you $1,000,000,000

???: O_O deal!

(meanwhile in a remote location somewhere in a volcano)

C22helios: Ability Activate! Impact Buster!

Eclipse Percival: (teleports behind Hurricane Wolfie and shoots a burst of energy)

Thewolf1: Ability Activate! Vortex Wave!

Hurricane Wolfie:( Wings start spinning and create a vortex reflecting the blast)

Eclipse Percival: Gah! (returns to ball form)

C22helios: I have to work on that ability.(grabs Percival)

Wolf: (grabs wolfie) Nice job Helios and -(interuption caused by a big explosion)

Nintendocan: What was that?!

C22helios:i don't know but-(another explosion happens but this time much more bigger and much more closer to the volcano

???: Ghost Lighting! (a unknown bakugan turns invisible and shoots a blast of lightning at C22Helios, Thewolf1 and Nintendocan)

ok so sorry for the delay on this ep. but i do have something for you guys if you want to have yourself in the next ep, fill out the following form






(not reqired) Possible Role in the next ep:

C22helios, out

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