Helios: Pecival?! What are you doing here?

C22helios: you know this guy?

Helios: yeah. he was one of my friends from vestal.

The mountain: No matter how many bakugan you have you can't beat me! Bring it!

C22helios: Double ability activate! Overload strike! ( a stream of fire is release from Helios' body)+ Impact wave striker! ( percival teleports to Mantle, then blasts him with a short burst of energy)

Wolf: O_O what power!

Nintendocan:i've seen ganon do better...

C22helios: Bakufusion!

Bystander: Fuuuuu sioooon Ha!

Wolf: (looks at guy oddly)

Bystander: What?

Wolf: Wrong Anime. =/

Eclipse Helios: yeah!

C22helios:Solar Blackout!( Eclipse Helios shoots a sun charged with dark energy into the air then crashes it down on mantle)

C22helios: We did it!

Wolf: was that one of the expirmental mechtogan?

Nintendocan: yep

Helios: O_O we're dead

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