Helios' Story
Created By C22Helios
Number of Seasons  ???
Season Length September 20, 2011 - ???
Number of Episodes  ???
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Season CharactersEdit


  • C22Helios Pyrus&Darkus
    • Viper Helios Pyrus -> Wild Fire Helios Pyrus -> Ascended Helios Pyrus
    • Percival Darkus
  • Wolf Ventus
    • Small Wolfie Ventus-> Cyclone Wolfie Ventus-> Hurricane Wolfie Ventus
  • Nintendo Pyrus
    • Roxanoid Pyrus-> Burn Fire Roxanoid Pyrus
  • Darkusfan202 Darkus
    • Drerex Darkus
  • Star Haos
    • Pheburn Haos


  • Soileh22C Darkus
    • Repiv Helios Darkus -> Ominous Darkus
  • FlowSubterra
    • Llams WolfieSubterra
  • The Mountain Subterra
    • Mantle
  • Ice Darkus
    • Clawliurge Darkus

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