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Wolfgang) Ouch...They...I mean he, got that stage...The field is basically a sudden death arena, since there isn't any ground...

Ray) Wow...

Wolfgang) It's kind-of simple, the bakugan that falls, loses the brawl...

Persona) You put that on...But where does he stand?

Wolfgang) He'll be on a clear panel...It's crystal hard =/

Crystal) YAY!

Back in the battlefield...

HD900) ...

PB900) Big fall, me...

HD900) Yep, this is a huge fall ego...

PB900) Ego?

HD900) Yeah, you're my more brawl-ly ego...

PB900) Then...

HD900) Lets...

PB900 & HD900) LETS BRAWL!

PB900) Ability Activate! Twin Blast! ( Twin Dragonoid releases a blast from his two heads )

HD900) That's my move!

Twin Dragonoid) Anyways...*Releases the twin blast on Ion Dragonoid*

PB900) Ability Activate! Flaming Blast! ( Ion Dragonoid releases a fiery blast from his mouth )

( The two blast collide, combining into each other )

HD900 & PB900) Ability Activate! Crash Release! ( Both Twin and Ion Dragonoid charge and release their attributes power )

( Both Ion and Twin Dragonoid charge into the blast and punch it, releasing flames or winds )


( The blast explodes )

( Twin and Ion Dragonoid crash into the barrier, sliding down )

HD900 & PB900) NO!!!!

PB900) Ability Activate! Ionic Blaze! ( Ion Dragonoid releases a beam from his mouth )

HD900) Ability Activate! Twin Phrasing! ( Twin Dragonoid releases a double beam )

Head 1) Hi me!

Head 2) Hi me again...

Head 1) What are you up ( Interruption )

Head 2) BLURHHHHH! *Releases a windy beam*

Head 1) Oh...BLURHHHHH! *Releases a windy beam*

Ion Dragonoid) ...

PB900) GO!

Ion Dragonoid) ...

( The windy beams collide and get closer to Ion Dragonoid )

PB900) NOW!

Ion Dragonoid) ...

( The windy beam gets even closer to Ion Dragonoid )

PB900) J ( Interruption )

Ion Dragonoid) I'MMA FIRIN' MY LAZER! BLURHHHHHHHAA!!! *Releases a fiery beam*

PB900) ust kidding...

( The fiery beam collides with the more powerful windy beam )

( The flames scatter from close distance )

HD900) Ability Activate! Twin Blast! ( Twin Dragonoid fires a windy blast from his two heads )

PB900) Ultimate Ability Activate! Fiery Consume! ( Ion Dragonoid releases heated energy from an aura that consumes anything into flames )

( The twin blast travels down the beams and crashes into Ion Dragonoid, but gets consumed by fire and travels back up the beam )

( The burning twin blast engulfs the beams into flames and Twin Dragonoid too )

( Twin Dragonoid falls into the darkness and turns into his ball form )

( The field returns to normal )

PB900) Goodbye, my other half...

HD900) Bye...

( HD900 disappears and enters PB900's body )

PB900) *Picks Twin Dragonoid off the ground* Hey, old buddy...

10 minutes later...

Kyleronco) Ready PG?

PG) Or Icefern...

Kyleronco) Icefern?

PG) Yeah...

Kyleronco) Well...Ability Activate! Terror Swipe! ( Terror Wolfie swipes the opponent with his claws )

PG) Ability Activate! Ironic Roar Headbutt! ( With the crest on his forehead, Voltronic Leonial rams, sometimes headbutts the opponent with the iron crest that causes bolts of lightning to rapidedly hit the target once triggered with a roar )

( Voltronic Leonial catches Terror Wolfie, after swiping his head )

Voltronic Leonial) RAWWWWWRRRRR!

( Lightning rapidly attacks Terror Wolfie )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! Terror Whiplash! ( Terror Wolfie shlashes his opponent creating windy slashes to also attack the opponent )

( Terror Wolfie starts to slash the iron crest )

( Terror Wolfie breaks free, jumps away, and lands holding his mid-section )

Terror Wolfie) I could have had a quick defeat...

PG) Ability Activate! Electra Pulse! ( Confusing the target, Voltronic Leonial Unleashes bolts of lightning from his blades )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! Mind Takeover! ( Terror Wolfe stares into the opponent's eyes, taking control of their mind )

( Terror Wolfie stares into Leonial's eyes )

Terror Wolfie) Move into the air...

( Leonial flah blinds her as she fires the lightning bolts above her, while they rain on her )

Kyleronco) Ultimate Ability Activate! Terror Spin! ( Terror Wolfie spins in a drill motion, attacking the opponent with a destructive charge )

( Leonial jumps into the air when Terror Wolfie almost makes impact and slams her crest against Terror Wolfie's back )

PG) Ultimate Ability Activate! Voltronic Erupt! ( Voltronic Leonial charges all his power into a source )

( Leonial charges electricity through Terror Wolfie )

( Terror Wolfie quickly returns to his ball form )

PG) Good game...

Volf's Secret! Episode 11

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