Grandmanoid is a legendary Bakugan created by the labs of Zie, it was made because Zie started liking a game called Cookie Clicker, thus, grandmanoid was born. Grandmanoid is mostly used in tag-teams with Trollista. Grandmanoid is impossible to be controlled, due to the Elder Creator's shield protecting her.


A strange grandma like Bakugan, with a rolling pin of ultimate doom with unimaginable powers, Grandmanoid can change into different forms that help her gain crazy new powers. Grandmanoid is a extremely fast Bakugan, and she can shoot poisonous Red Cookies that can poison other Bakugan or hurt them a lot.


Grandmanoid's personality changes a lot, from kind to crazy, she refers to her opponents as moist cookies and says "I can smell your rotten cookies" to them.


  • Appeased Form: The basic form of Grandmanoid.
  • Golden Grandmanoid: Grandmanoid is invincible, she cannot be defeated at all. well actually, grandmanoid is actually sleeping, so basically she's already defeated. (ONLY USED IN SPECIAL ROLEPLAYS)
  • Red Grandmanoid: using the grandmatriarchs, Grandmanoid will fire red cookies that will burn any opponent and deal critical damage to them, and the grandmatriachs will suck opponents energy and make it her own.
  • God Grandmanoid: The true form of Grandmanoid, using the power of the Elder gods and the ultimate power of the Elder Creator, grandmanoid is basically a god, UNSTOPPABLE COOKIE POWER!



In the upcoming Dawn of the Zombie Grandmas arc, trollista and grandmanoid and the other fanonlords users team up to stop the zombie grandmas of doom. They are close friends.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Cookie Killer: Grandmanoid will shoot deadly cookies fast and will hurt opponents.
  • Neutromancy: Grandmanoid will use the power of the Elder Creator for a CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME, and nothing can attack grandmanoid, so OP ahahahaha, actually wait there is a condition, anti-matter can hurt her.
  • Elder Fist: with the amazing fist, all opponents will be turned into cookies, and if grandmanoid eats those cookies, they'll be sucked into a black hole in her stomach, they can escape though, its not that hard.

Special AbiltiiesEdit

  • Rolling Pin Pain: Rolling pins will fall from the sky and damage all opponents.
  • Grandmatriach Madness: The grandmatriachs will fight the opponent instead of Grandmanoid, the grandmatriachs are 3x stronger than Grandmanoid, so watch out.
  • Elder God Gaze: The elder gods will gaze at the opponent and will steal any of their abilities, Grandmanoid can use the opponents abilities FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Dark Elder Magic CardsEdit

  • Elder Lord's Leech: A opponents ability will be nulified, and Grandmanoid can take the amount of power that the ability used, and make the power into Grandmanoids own.
  • The Rainbow Cookie: Grandmanoids power is x100, she will go crazy, and her energy will slightly be drained in the process. One use only.
  • Flight of the Grandmockingjays: Grandmockingjays will use an energy to shrink opponents, and grandmanoid can use zero point energy to "control" and throw the opponent around (as long as grandmanoid catches the opponent)

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

  • Grandma's Grandmas: Grandmanoid will create an infinite spawn of grandmanoids for a limited time, the grandmanoids have 5x of strength than normal grandmanoid.
  • The Elder Creator's Final Strike: Grandmanoid will turn everything into cookies, EVERYTHING! Also everything is slow, except for Grandmanoid, and Grandmanoid can fire an ultimate beam and has 25x strength, SO OP AHAHAHAHAHA. However, using this ability is risky, grandmanoid can possibly not use any ability for a very long time, and will lose a massive energy drain.

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